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Yeah, Joe does not seem to be an expert on the church. Nor does he claim to be. He understands that they are evil, so I think he is aware of past exposures. His point is just that what we are watching is not organic. It is not a coincidence that the Church lawsuits were announced on the same day, or next day, whatever, as the NXIVM convictions. This is one way we can see indirect evidence that these are orchestrated, phased, strategically planned events.

Lawsuits against the church never would have succeeded, that’s why they weren’t attempted or failed to change anything if they were attempted (I also am no expert on the church’s history.) This is not just another exposure, this is the launching of trials that are happening because the lawyers know that the church’s protections are now removed and a real, fair, processs can occur. They would not be bothering unless they knew that. So now we know that.

Senate is confirming Trump’s judges rapidly, quietly. Now, criminal trials can succeeed, because their protection was replaced with jurists who will not protect them.


”Unsupported” is false.

It is right there in their emails.

Obama spent $65,000 flying in “hotdogs” from Chicago, where the “hotdogs” are male sex slaves. I understand that you would love to chalk that up to wild imagination, but hotdogs don’t cost $65,000 and you don’t have to fly them in, generally they are right there nearby at the store. Believing they really meant hotdog hotdogs requires far more imagination, but it is politically necessary for you, so you pretend to believe real hotdog hotdogs.

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NXIVM is the flypaper that will keep adding new [flies] as we move towards disturbing disclosure of the pedophile club that controls D.C. The $65k "hotdog" delivery was via one of Rainere's flights - instead it transported children for sex parties... INSIDE THE OBAMA WHITEHOUSE!
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1:31 PM · Mar 8, 2019

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