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Breitbart doesn't love The Mooch:

Mooch Gives POTUS Advice on How to Lose WH: Adopt Morning Joe’s ‘Moderate’ Playbook!


Granted, his electoral advice seems seriously lacking, but for some reason I resonate with this guy.

I think it's his cocky spirit I like. But the context is he's an achiever. A serious achiever.

If he weren't, he'd just be a jerk.

But he's The Mooch. And to me, he always will be.



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Wild theories and empty seats at CPAC-style conference for the MAGA setTalk of QAnon, George Soros and ‘retarded’ reporters at the American Priority Conference.

The Mooch was overheard speaking semi-privately to a couple attending the just-ended American Priority Conference. The nasty headline from Politico's Ben Schreckinger highlights the empty seats, disputes and bad planning, but the reporting below stuck out for me, given my interest in Why People Believe Weird Things:


[...] At “coffee with Mooch” on Friday morning, the former White House communications director, seemingly unaware of the presence of a nearby reporter, spoke glowingly of the theory as a couple from Stafford, Va., showed him their “Q” paraphernalia. (Q is the otherwise anonymous author of the QAnon theory.)

Approached immediately afterward by POLITICO, Scaramucci said his comments were not referring to Q and instead referred to an earlier conversation he had had with the couple about who would succeed John Kelly as Trump’s chief of staff. Then Scaramucci said that his comments should be taken off the record and a conference organizer said the event was closed to the press.

Moments later in the room next door, Kathy Miroy, 58, and her husband, Steve, 66, said they had not spoken earlier to Scaramucci about Kelly or about anything else. “He’s talking about Q,” Kathy Miroy confirmed.

As leaders in the amorphous, social media-driven MAGA phenomenon continue to experiment with the traditional tools of movement-building, they sometimes wield them ineptly, and the conference agenda was often overshadowed by logistical failures.

Other MAGA gatherings, like last January’s DeploraBall inaugural celebration, attracted large crowds and intense media coverage.

Despite the convergence of several figures with large, devoted social media followings — including Molyneux, Loomer, right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich and dirty trickster Roger Stone — attendance at this weekend’s conference was sparse.

On Thursday, speakers mostly addressed two- to three-dozen attendees amid a sea of hundreds of empty chairs in a ballroom.


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