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A remark by Von Karman, a theoretical physicist.

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 "one could refer to Von Karman who said somewhere –‘There are two great unexplained mysteries in our understanding of the universe. One is the nature of a
unified generalised theory to explain both gravitation and electromagnetism. The other is an understanding of the nature of turbulence.After I die,I expect God to clarify the general field theory for me. I have no such hope for turbulence.' "

This is an indication of just how tough it is to model  non-linear and chaotic  flows (aka  turbulence).   This is what the climatologists would like to model  but they do not do a very good job of it. 

Von Karman was a leading researcher in turbulent flow theory and he received the National Science Medal  from President Kenedy for his contributions to this most difficult theory.  This theory is at the heart of climate modelling.ármán

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I just re-watched "The Day After Tomorrow" which is about global warming ironically causing a new ice age. I liked the models and graphics of swirling storms on the globe though the science was vague and probably closer to propaganda than the truth. 


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