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are humans still evolving????

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Question:  Are humans still evolving?  Answer is yes (sort of).  The human genome acquires mutations  at a measurable rate.  Darwinian type evolution is based on the resultant of two processes:  variation which is either mutation or  cross linking of chromosome  and natural selection.  Natural Selection is natural processes interaction with the variations in such a way that the variations which promote  reproductive unfitness (various types of hereditary diseases which kill or sterilize the bearer of the disease before he can reproduce)  are eliminated from the population.  Whereas those variations which promote reproductive fitness are more likely to be inherited by succeeding generations.   This is just nature at work.  However there are cultural factors such as medical intervention or genetic modification which can lessen the effect of natural culling.  

Here is an article which deals with mutation rates.  You might find it interesting.


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