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The author of the article is purblind to how the role of stupidity, ignorance, ideology and dead left dominant cultural moral inertia plays out in fake news combined with major corporate support PLUS the deep state totally at war to protect its money, power and all Its other prerogatives, real or imagined.


so science gets run over by a tank, just like with AGW aka Climate Change

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I want to put this one in the Trump thread, but it has to go in the Fake News section.

From the Editorial Board of the New York Times yesterday:

Congress, Give Trump His Border Money

There's blah blah blah all over the place about this, but here's the truth.

President Trump is shipping the overflow of illegal aliens he has to allow to stay in America due to convoluted court rulings to Sanctuary Cities where the assholes who own the NYT (and similar) live.

Suddenly, the left is woke: and it's all like: OMG, there really is a border crisis! Give Trump his money so he can fix it!


How many times has the NYT ranted and railed against President Trump for his dishumanity towards illegals? Now a 180 degree turn on a dime. Don't get whiplash, folks.

After all, illegals are to be preached about, not actually welcomed in the communities where actual human beings like the elitists live, right elitist assholes?

Friggin' fake news...

You can't beat them for shameless...



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Rush’s idea was CNN and other propaganda arms of the Left were just fine even if they lost money, but this news may be evidence to the contrary. I wonder if CNN has been recast as a real news station or is it just a smaller hammer in their arsenal of Fake News? That’s a joke, but maybe money is not flowing into their booty bag like it was before 21 candidates for American Dictator announced their bids.

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