Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

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3 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

These same assholes infiltrated the education system as time went on...

Here is a very good example of what I am talking about.

The worst thing that happened in the 20th century, the worst by far and any measure, is not taught.

It's a blank.

I remember trying to research this back in college when I first heard of it. Incidentally, I heard of it from Ayn Rand.

There was no Internet back then. And for a music major (I majored in music composition and trombone), there was no summary or layman's language version I could find without doing a hell of a lot of digging. So I merely took Rand's word for it. I skimmed some of the Solzhenitsyn stuff, but I wasn't ready for it because my knowledge of world history had only been informed by public education at the time.

My generation was probably the first where real indoctrination was taking hold and the fact that no one--no one at all--in my circles of relationships talked about this stuff is proof the indoctrination was already underway. People didn't talk about it because they simply didn't know about it.

btw - This video is not just on YouTube. It hit Real Clear Politics Video: Jordan Peterson On Soviet Horrors, The Gulag Archipelago: "This Is Not Widespread Knowledge"


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UFO Sighting Filmed In Myrtle Beach in South Carolina:

Was the UFO sent by evil Leftists?

I wonder!?!

Maybe SOROS was behind it?

So many unanswered, plausible questions!

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7 hours ago, KorbenDallas said:

UFO Sighting...


According to Ruth Beebe Hill, Ayn Rand's neighbor and good friend when she lived in California (and after she became famous). Rand said she saw a UFO.

Maybe it was the same one, who knows?

:evil:  :) 

As to Soros, his butt-hurt must be awesome today with the swearing in of Kavanaugh.

Just thinking about that makes me believe in a rational world.



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