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Have I ever risked my life doing a sport I loved? Sure. Knowingly and unknowingly. 

I was thrown from a mini bike as pistons seized from a poorly maintained engine. My sister, the real sport, riding unconventionally,went over the handlebars. I broke my collar bone 3 times that year. The last break came while flipping over a stationary person on all fours. I still ride motorcycles at 63, and Ive only fallen twice since. ) Both occurred while stationary

The second time was sparring in Hapkido. I was sitting splayed and bent over at the waist with my nose touching the mat with a 250 lb guy on my back. I couldnt breathe and the guy chose to ignore the tapping out signal. He didnt realize my back was about to snap.

From the second video I observed the horse wasnt wearing hoof protectors. I saw them worn during last weeks Olympics thinking they were standard protection. The horse made the rider pay for that carelessness, and probably took it personally. )

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I was thrown from a horse once. It was a hot & humid day & I guess the horse didn't feel like carrying 185 lbs. on his back.

Fortunately the only thing injured was my ego and a bruised rear end.

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