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As usual, some hard language.

Let's begin with the futility of guardship. There was an armed off duty cop in uniform at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, backing up the bouncers at the front door. More cops responded within minutes. It took the police three hours to kill one jihadi. The five cops killed in Dallas were assassinated by one black sniper. It took the police three hours to blow him up with a robot-fired bomb. It also took Denver cops three hours to enter Columbine High School after *all* shooting had ended. It required thousands of SWAT and FBI special forces to track down the Boston bombers, who were known to the FBI from a Russian warning. The carnage in Nice was over a mile long. French cops couldn't stop a jihadi driver before he killed and crippled hundreds. We trained the 9/11 suicide pilots and did not deter any of the 19 jihadis from hijacking four passenger jets to destroy the World Trade Center and hit the Pentagon. The only intervention I know of that foiled a jihadi mission was unarmed Flight 93 passengers who attacked jihadi hijackers who fought to the death, and sure enough, everyone died.

Jihadis are warriors. That's the meaning of jihad, war. People die in war.

Newt Gingrich called them "medieval barbarians," which is false. Jihadis are modern special forces, with strict indoctrination and equally tough military training. They have bombmakers and electronics. They have a big internet footprint. Jihadis are modern barbarians. They know how to get passports and visas, officially assisted by modern governments. The attack on 9/11 was financially sponsored by wealthy modern Saudis in sunglasses and limosines. Everybody uses smart phones and jet airplanes. Jihadis don't travel to Europe or America by camel.

The increasingly bloody cascade of outrageous jihadi attacks in France is blowback because Europe admitted millions of muslims and granted them residency. There is little doubt that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned a blind eye to jihadis in Libya at the behest of Saudi government counterparties. We spent $2 trillion conquering Iraq and created conditions in Syria that spawned the Islamic State, which came to power by capturing U.S. tanks and other battle supplies from our U.S-trained Iraqi army. As always the Saudis are involved financially, conniving to overthrow Assad and build a gas pipeline through Syria to Europe. Putin's navy and airforce are defending Assad to block Saudi-Qatari competition in selling gas to Europe. The money involved in selling natural gas does not matter to Putin. It's geopolitical leverage that talks louder than nuclear war. Fuck with me, you freeze and starve to death.

I regret that Americans are so dense. Everything I wrote above is factual and widely known. Guardship is futile. FBI director Comey's decision to close the case against Hillary was almost certainly an example of political extortion. I don't know what the Clintons had, to blackmail Comey, but they obviously threatened or compensated Lynch and got caught doing it, despite Secret Service and FBI being ordered to keep all newsmen away. If you believe that political blackmail, extortion, payola, and corruption of the FBI are unbelievable, un-American, you probably approve of gay marriage -- a frail who thinks government exists for the purpose of "civil rights" enforcement in defense of gays, blacks, wetbacks,  women, etc.

It is important during time of war to wake the fuck up and think.

Jihadis are bound by the Koran to conquer and convert. Most of their warfare is devoted to killing each other because there is a quarrel among muslims as to who rightly succeeded the Prophet centuries ago. All muslim power is monarchical and/or dictatorial (little different in principle). It matters which clan you belong to. Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting proxy wars in Yemen and Syria. Our 5th Fleet keeps them from attacking each other across the Strait of Hormuz, and U.S. troops block them from marching through Kuwait.

We have been engaged in Middle East peacekeeping since Truman created Israel. It became a foreign policy imperative when we lost control of oil production in Arabia, then in Persia and Libya -- a third of all known world reserves. The Russians have another third. It doesn't matter economically to the United States, but it's life or death for Europe, Japan and Korea. The U.S. militarily patrols contentious Islamic tribes, which we armed, to keep oil flowing to "allies" who we defend with strategic commitments everywhere.

Donald Trump is right. Let's quit carrying the world on our national credit card.

Europe is fucked, there's no point trying to save it. Brexit was a scream of pain, an island country hoping to stop Islamic immigration -- but for France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium, it's too late to turn back. I'm sure you recall that street battles brought Hitler to power. Street battles between muslims and "nationalists" are inevitable, not only because they hate each other and are morally obligated to wage war, but rather because Europe is a blink from bankruptcy, worse than than the Crash of 2008. It will be a financial disaster of the scale that threatened Europe in the 1930s, an era called "The Crisis." Think what that means today, with tens of millions of muslims subsisting on European welfare hand-outs, suddenly unable to buy bread or meat or milk for their children. We can't stop European jihadis or a "nationalist" reaction with American bombing or special forces, nor should we try.

Domestically we have a similar problem. Black militants will be confronted by "nationalists" if we have a financial crisis resulting in job layoffs. Some think that the Great Depression was caused by protectionist trade tariffs, which Trump has campaigned for and Hillary agreed to put on the Democrat party platform to get Bernie's endorsement, another omen warning us to wake the fuck up. Economic crashes cause civil war, and we have a powderkeg of hostility in race relations. Killing five Dallas cops by ambush opened a new chapter in our history.

What to do about Islam will be determined by the resolution (one way or the other) of racial tension in the United States. At a minimum, control of our cities must be wrested away from black politicians, black teachers, and black street gangs. If you think that it's an impossible or unworthy program of reform, then our fate as a civil society is foreclosed, destined to replay the disaster of 1965. Burn baby burn.

If we can resolve our internal problems peacefully, then we can talk about defeating jihad, which is a relatively simple thing to do. Withdraw our 5th Fleet and close down operations in Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, and Iraq; the muzzsies will destroy each other in mass battle. End of problem. No blowback because we weren't involved. Israelis can defend themselves if they have to, without U.S. help. It might result in regional nuclear events, so it's important to park our naval assets at a distance. Don't try to prevent casualties by threatening U.S. action. We must allow them to die. That's what happens in wars. People die.

Jihadis are at war, sponsored by warring Islamic tribes. Let them destroy each other.


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