Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

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4 hours ago, Peter said:

What were the hidden messages in Bambi and Pinnocchio, Jon? Bambi does start out with a horrible scene where hunters kill everything alive in the forest but that message is not hidden. Yesterday I watched the trailer for Bambi with my granddaughter so it is still vivid to me.  Of course there are always "messages" and slants in a lot of news and entertainment, but to adopt a mentality that sees conspiracies everywhere is a waste of time and not sensible. It is not objective. If you were an investigative reporter you would rarely sell a story to a strictly truth searching editor.

Again, it is fun in fiction like in the movie Contact. "Sparks" can't solve the meaning of the alien message but the billionaire eccentric does.      

No, no. I mean Baer's paychecks, they're signed by Disney. He didn't tell you?

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McRae Dowless has been indicted.


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Each and every person found guilty of subverting elections should be hung in front of their state capital.

Starting with the NC election is fine by me.

Like McConnell I celebrate Democrats finally being on board even if they’re not going to like where else this goes.

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Is the evidence of 'massive voter fraud' examinable?

Is the evidence of fraud in play?

Is it illicit reasoning to ask for evidence, warrant, supporting arguments, details?

Emphases added.

12 hours ago, Brant Gaede said:
14 hours ago, caroljane said:

Do you think the Dems are so powerful they could organize a voter fraud without being detected, before, during or after the election? It is still a long time away - Trump still has 2 years of  action and voter fraud is one of his top priorities . 

Do you think that his support will be strong enough, whatever issues arise in the meantime not making any difference, that the only way he would lose re-election could be by fraud?

Vote fraud in Texas and Illinois elected the Kennedy-Johnson ticket in 1960.

Massive vote fraud has made California a state completely dominated by the Democrat Party.

If not for the Electoral College California would have made that criminal bitch Hillary President. Whether the Electoral College will do the same next time is problematic. It could give the Senate to the Dems.

I find your naivete hard to get my brain around.

What is naive about requesting warrants for a claim?

It's clear or mostly clear that Brant believes in a massive vote fraud in California.  What isn't clear is the argument.

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The dang North Carolina investigations continue. They sure have stick-to-it-ive-ness ... unlike in some "cases" noted above.

Federal grand jury issues subpoenas in N.C. election fraud investigation.


60,000 (sealed) Indictments. Wouldn't it be grand if some of them were unsealed on a country-wide scale, finally crushing out the remnant hinkyness that is thought by some to pervade election systems in the USA?

On Twitter today I over-used the notion that the punditzenpollsters are getting waaaaay out in front of the actual games in the actual election season, using  how many days remain until (they) post caucus results in the great state of Iowa.

Some opinion marketeers, public opinion 'experts' and polling wonks are trying to make Excitement out whether Biden or Sanders will likely take Iowa, given the (scant) surveys done on prospective voters there.

Skeptical folks point out that recency effects and name-recognition -- and the loooong stretch of time before the events take place -- make the surveys uninterpretable or useless for betting on which Democrat will seize the most precincts in three hundred and twenty-seven days. Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra.

I put in a plug for a fanatical balloting wonk on Twitter, Jennifer Cohn, who is raising a hue and cry about a new generation of voting machines -- the so-called 'paper ballot' producers -- which include, Cohn says, a non-voter-verifiable barcode and which also lack transparency about programming that is exploitable.


See a description of the machine within a story out of NPR-Georgia, "A Look At Machines That Could Replace Georgia’s Aging Voting System."  The ES&S (Elections Systems and Software) may win the Georgia contract. It is seen as the least transparent of the offerings, and a target of Cohn's special ire:

Tomorrow, Georgia’s SAFE Commission will conduct a meeting to approve the
replacement of the state’s terrible touchscreen voting system with a new
terrible touchscreen voting system called the ExpressVote. This system
generates computer-marked paper printouts (many call them “paper ballots”)
with barcodes that are then counted on scanners. Although these paper
printouts include human readable text purporting to summarize the voter’s
selections, the barcode, which humans can’t read, is the only part of the
printout actually counted by the scanner. According to Computer Science
Professor Richard DeMillo (Georgia Institute of Technology), the barcode
constitutes a new potential attack vector for malevolent actors, as it can
be manipulated to instruct the scanner to flip or otherwise alter votes.

More info on the machine and the system it works with at Verified Voting: Election Systems and Software (ES&S) ExpressVote



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On 8/2/2016 at 10:41 AM, william.scherk said:

1.7Misrecording of votes

... could be an issue in more than one jurisdiction. Jennifer Cohn has been beating the drum for some time that "ballot marking systems" are not all the same, with various levels of voter security. See her Medium post today to get wind of the dangers ...

Georgia: The Epicenter of America’s Corrupted Electronic Elections.


On August 7, 2018, the plaintiffs in the federal action titled Donna Curling, et al. v. Brian Kemp, et al., filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to enjoin the state of Georgia from using its paperless touchscreen voting machines in the November midterm elections. As explained in the lawsuit, when voting machines are paperless, there is no independent record of voter intent with which to confirm the legitimacy of an electronic vote tally. Thus, according to the plaintiffs, the state must instead allow voters to hand mark paper ballots at the polls.

The court denied the motion. It reasoned that although the plaintiffs are likely to win on the merits of their claim that Georgia’s paperless machines are unconstitutional, it would cause too much “chaos” and “confusion” to switch to paper ballots at this late date.

The article below discusses the Georgia 6th District special election of 2017, which was the catalyst for the Georgia paper ballot suit, as well as the disturbing history of Georgia’s corrupted electronic elections from 2002 through the present.



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On 2/27/2019 at 9:09 AM, william.scherk said:

[McCrae] Dowless has been indicted.

And just turned himself in for booking ...


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