Magnetic Monopole created with help of Bose-Einstein condensate

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We are truly living in amazing times.  A magnetic monopole  has been created with the aid of a Bose-Einstein condensate.  Please see


No natural magnetic monopole has ever been observed but it is thought they might have existed briefly at the moment of the (so-called)  Big Bang.

Dirac predicted such particles 80 years ago.  He also predicted anti-particles on a purely mathematical basis.  Here is one instance where the theoretic physicists got out ahead of the  applied physicists.   

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18 minutes ago, Samson Corwell said:

This…is…so…cool! We've found the Higg's boson, we've found magnetic monopoles, and now we need to find the graviton!

Getting a graviton will not be easy.  It has to be a natural boson for it to explain gravitation.  So far no luck.  No one has observed a spin 2 boson yet....

Yoda says:  Do not your breath hold until found a boson is,  else blue turn you will....

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