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Dr. Alan Goldhamer interviewed by Andrew Perlot

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer runs TrueNorth, perhaps the best place to do a supervised fast. At last count they supervised 15,000 fasts. At TrueNorth they have a bunch of doctors, each with a different background. Dr. Alan Goldhamer probably knows more about fasting than anyone else on the planet; but Loren Lockman might have something to say about that. Goldhamer and Lockman have disagreements about fasting: safety first vs getting results.

This is audio only. 1 hour.


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Show Notes:

What all the healthiest, most vital people have in common: 4:50

Why Goldhamer set up True North, and how he got started on his path toward helping people heal: 6:13

Why Goldhamer thinks the greatest threat to his ability to practice are “Well intentioned but ignorant doctors and government officials,” and how a board in California almost shut him down: 8:38

Why Goldhamer publishes in medical journals to gain medical respectability for fasting: 11:14

Dr. Valter Longo and short term fasting vs long-term fasting: 13:55
Should healthy, disease-free people fast, and how often Goldhamer fasts: 19:15

Finding the biomarkers for making fasting targeted, more effective, and safer: 19:51

Whether long-term fasts are safe without blood work: 21:42

More water-only fasting centers opening up around the country: 25:18

Newly-published case study on beating cancer (lymphoma) with fasting: 26:32
Raw food diets and dietary modification for autoimmune conditions like colitis: 30:42

The conditions that respond best to fasting: 34:29

Andrew explains natural hygiene and how many natural hygienists he's run into are dogmatic and uninterested in science: 36:24

Goldhamer talks about how Hertbert Shelton thought about medical science, and how Shelton would act today in the face of scientific advances: 40:33

Changing his mind about B12 supplementation and Vitamin D Levels: 46:21

Why Goldhamer decided very long fasts (over 40 days) weren't safe: 48:54

Why tap water is not ideal, and his thoughts on distilled vs filtered water: 49:29

How meditation can help with weight maintenance/overeating, how exercise, meditation, and fasting are related, and Goldhamer's personal meditation practice: 53:57

What Goldhamer does in his free time, and why True North is so unique and he wants to spend so much time there: 57:32

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