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Things that anger me on Monday: Outrageous American lawsuits.


A parasite should not be able to walk into a productive business (be it McDonald's size behemoth or a small upstart begun with a dream and someone’s  life savings) get a paper cut and sue them for every cent of wealth and value they have created.


Our court system should be an instrument of justice. It should NOT be a lottery, an avenue of wealth redistribution or a back door for activists to shut down or damage businesses they are unhappy with. Nor is “emotional pain and suffering” an objective value worthy of financial compensation. Emotional pain and suffering is an unfortunate side effect of living life.


Outrageous lawsuits have become a national pastime for the nonproductive and a virtual prison for everyone else. Frivolous lawsuits and outrageous settlements squash innovation, bankrupt industries, and keep frightened families trapped in their homes for fear that a six-hundred dollar scratch on a neighbor’s care might turn into a multimillion dollar suit.


These types of lawsuits terrorize the productive and do more damage to our freedoms and liberties than Democrats and Republicans combines. Yet, ironically, those most concerned with “income inequality” seem the least concerned with the unfairness of one (possibly dishonest) individual hitting the jackpot at the expense of an entire company, all of its employees and all of the consumers who could be left without the products and services they depend on for daily living.


It is time to shut down the lotto and return the courts to the genuinely wronged to receive what they are actually out.

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