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I am just getting around to watching and thinking about last night's debate in the Palmetto State. Here's the full programme for review.


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I am mostly straining out pure policy proposals where they tend to differ among the candidates. My focus is on Mr Trump.  He will win South Carolina and Nevada on the same day, I believe, by a thumping plurality, so the debate in Greenville has very little effect on GOP primary voters there. By a plurality I mean something like 36 percent with a gulf of at least 15 percent between him and second place.

Generally, this was an instructive debate for GOP voters and for the Democrats.  The policies and feints will be fed into the Democrat machine, and that machine will spill out points of attack -- in many cases, distorting, exaggerating and inventing. So, I will look on a second run through for the positive policies that tend to have a multi-pass quality, crossing party lines in appeal.

First run score for feel:

Shallow Rubio. Over-rehearsed and too nimble/crafty Cruz. Depth and breadth Kasich. Tired and ready for nap Carson. Informed but boring Bush. Striking and bold -- yet waffling on details Trump.

The least impressive is Rubio. Compared to Kasich, he just is not briefed.  We expect Bush to be wonky and stats-happy and policy-booked, and so he is, boringly, but Rubio seems to have only skimmed in comparison. 

The only cringing moments were with the boos. Did all 1600 asses in seats belong to the Bush-crony-donor-class or were otherwise plants and party hacks?  I think not. The tetchiness was instructive.

"This country is dying."  Erp.

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On 2016-02-14 at 10:52 AM, turkeyfoot said:

Uh, thx. Argh. Dont have the stomach to watch it in its entirety. I watched a snippet. In disgust I stumbled on an other choice, conscience borne.

If you like Trump as a candidate, you will probably like this much shorter video extract from the event in Greenville. I compiled all of the Trump debating I could. The resulting compilation comes in at just over 25 minutes, so argh people can titrate their exposure and dosage.


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