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I recently received an email introducing a blog titled “Is Democracy the Nemesis Also of the Americans” at From my reading of the website so far I have found it to contain excellent analysis about the nature of democracy and how it is leading to America’s collapse internally and externally. I have not come across such writing so far and have made it an important mission to bring it to attention on the proper forums. I am planning to post essays from the blog on this forum for further discussion.

It is commendable that these ideas are coming from a foreigner who is fighting fanatics to be able to continue writing. Would love to know thoughts of the forum members on the blog.

Below I am including salient features of the writing as conveyed in the email.

  1. Since prior to the Greeks nobody has so far studied democracy to the extent necessary and presented in his writing. Civilization has never transcended democracy, but has got always destroyed because of it. It is the most important key to saving America today.
  2. The essays present formidable challenges to President Obama and individualist Americans at large about their hypocrisy of eulogizing the Founding Fathers and their philosophy / Constitution, while having totally destroyed both as evidenced by the domestic and foreign policies and actions of the United States over the last century.
  3. The essays also challenge Americans regarding their cherished beliefs like “All men were created equal”, their political system being far superior to European aristocracies, etc.
  4. The essays introduce several new ideas including how a republic erodes into a democracy, how democracy is a fertile ground for moral degeneration and the inevitability of nurturing a vote block by distributing freebies (led by Democrats), followed by a vote block based on war-mongering (led by Republicans).
  5. To counter today’s massive doles, an essay presents a never-before analysis of L B Johnson. It proves that if Americans do not threaten of a civil war to restore Founding Fathers’ America then collapse is inevitable.
  6. The UN’s impotence, yet murder, loot, sleaze and also intrusion into America's internal affairs (violation of her sovereignty) is well-known. The UN is the elder brother of ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaeda, but not called so only because America’s military-industrial complex is using it as their East India Company. Shockingly, only America’s support is the major reason for even the existence of that evil, like Americans hitting the axe on their own feet!
  7. The author has challenged Americans to disprove his contention -- once the greatest emancipator in mankind’s history, today America has become the perpetrator of the biggest crimes against humanity because of its support to the UN. On the other hand, he has thanked the British Raj for civilizing the undeveloped societies to the extent that they are. He has also shown that it is the same big government and big military that perpetrates injustices externally as well as internally, which is the root of ever-increasing dictatorial Executive Orders by successive presidents nowadays.

Read more at:

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If it helps, Objectivism holds that the phrase, "that all men are created equal," means men are born with certain inaliable rights--rights that are specific to the nature of man, ie. his survival, but it doesn't say that all men end up equal.

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On 2/6/2016 at 7:14 PM, KorbenDallas said:

If it helps, Objectivism holds that the phrase, "that all men are created equal," means men are born with certain inaliable rights--rights that are specific to the nature of man, ie. his survival, but it doesn't say that all men end up equal.

Thanks for the response KorbenDallas. The Founding Fathers too interpreted it in the same manner, and it’s a unique view as compared to the rest of the world, which is why America became so great. But they took this view for granted, did not properly establish it in writing, or secure it against erosion -- which is why the opposite side of egalitarianism/ the Left is almost out to destroy America with the opposite interpretation, viz. all men are equal in terms of consumption irrespective of their efforts.

Michael Spencer has beautifully explained all these, and many other issues related with the erosion of the American Republic into a Democracy and the slide to the brink, why individualism is not working etc. So would urge members to go through his website.

On a related topic, I have made the next post on the forum: Equality vs. Inequality.

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