The Third GOP Debate: Candidates Eat the Media

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The Third GOP Debate: Candidates Eat the Media
By Edward Hudgins

October 29, 2015 – Edward Hudgins explains that the big losers of the third GOP debate were the CNBC questioners and the pretentious faux-journalists in general who were eaten alive by the candidates. Oh yes, and a few terrible ideas were crushed as well!

Start with stupid questions

Carl Quintanilla's first question to the candidates was, “What is your biggest weakness?” The answer to that weak question should have been, “Not immediately calling bullcrap on you!” Most candidates ignored the question and made opening statements.

When John Harwood asked Donald Trump, “Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?” he was no doubt echoing what many people think. But questions about the defects of Trump’s policy proposals would have done more to make that point.

Becky Quick seemed too lazy to come up with original questions. She asked Carly Fiorina the same question from previous debates about her tenure at Hewlett-Packard and asked Trump the same question about his four Atlantic City bankruptcies. It was like tuning in for a sequel and getting a rerun instead.

Candidate bites media

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