Steve Jobs Movie Review

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Steve Jobs Movie Review
By Edward Hudgins

October 22, 2015 -- If you’re a fan of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and digital age revolutionary, you might find Steve Jobs the movie a bit hard to take. It shows the worst of the man.

If you’re a fan of Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay portraying the complexities of his subject, you’ll probably love this new film from director Danny Boyle.

If you celebrate human achievement, you’ll wish the movie gave us more of what made Jobs a worthy subject of a movie to begin with.

The film is in three acts, each taking place backstage just before major product launches: for the Mac, in 1984; the Cube, from Jobs’ post-Apple company NeXT in 1988; and the iMac, after Jobs returned to Apple in 1998. Each act focuses on his relationships with people central to his life.

Audiences familiar with Jobs’ very public life or its treatment in Walter Isaacson’s biography Steve Jobs and the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley will not find new revelations in this film, but will find spoilers in this review...

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