The Obama Song (sung to the tune of the Hoerst Wessel Leid

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Bow down! Bow down! I am the great Obama
By God ordained to rule o'er lesser men
My wisdom shines, my unsurpassed sense of drama
Before my throne, soon every knee must bend

Those who still work, the ones who are successful
I'll bind with chains, and I shall make them pay
They'll have no choice, but lives regimented and stressful
This is my prayer: "G-d damn the U.S.A.!"

Let "Hope and Change" be ever more the fashion
The world is mine, its cares mine to address
Then all in need shall feel my love and my compassion
Enforced by guns of Waffen-IRS

And come this fall, should I permit elections
Republicans, be not too quick to gloat
Ten million Mexicans will cancel your selection
Empowered by me to override your vote

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In case you don't know the tune:

Who wrote these Obamafied lyrics? Are they a Bob Kolker original production? Making their debut here on OL?

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Heh. I tried Googling a line or two and didn't find anything. I was about to praise Bob for putting in a good effort. But this is all he's mastered:


Never mind giving credit and a backlink, he can't even be bothered to spell Horst correctly.

How about another thread on the theme that all philosophy is garbage, Bob?

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