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The Scot and the Preacher

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The Scot and the Preacher


(NOTE FROM MSK: This title was originally "The Scot and the Islamist." The discussion in Post 3 below clarifies what happened. Sorry about that. :) )


Here is a different way to argue against hate speech, even Islamist hate speech. (Read more here.)



Call it cultural warfare.





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A teenager in Scotland used his bagpipes to shut down a man spreading anti-gay and anti-Muslim messages on Saturday.

New York Daily News, September 21, 2015 here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/scottish-bagpiper-shuts-hate-preacher-article-1.2368257

"A young bagpipe player silenced a hate spewing preacher yelling into a microphone about how same sex marriage has ruined the the economy in Scotland.

The video was uploaded by a man named Mike who visiting Scotland with his partner when they saw the preacher on Market Street in St. Andrews.

The video was posted to “Overheard in St. Andrews” by Lachie Blair and uploaded to YouTube on Saturday." - Dr. Lorena Brownlee's blog here: http://lorenabrownlee.com/2015/09/20/homophobic-hate-preacher-is-silenced-by-a-boy-with-bagpipes/

The hater was a Christian. I experienced them here in Austin a couple of years ago when I was guarding buildings at 6th and Congress. One guy with a megaphone accosted women calling them painted Jezebels and whores from Babylon. It went on for weeks. One of the tenants in one of the buildings actually moved up the street when his lease expired. He was four or five floors up and the megaphone was impossible to ignore.

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Oh brother.

This one's a doozie.

Antigay preacher? Really?

MM's link above (Sept. 20) by Dr. Lorena Brownlee on her blog is titled: Homophobic Hate Preacher is Silenced by a Boy with Bagpipes.

But a day earlier (Sept. 19) it came out by one Jase Peeples on Advocate: WATCH: Young Bagpiper Shuts Down Antigay Preacher.

From that last (my bold):

In the video, the preacher can be seen using an amplifier as he reportedly shouts an antigay message claiming same-sex marriage is ruining the country’s economy.


That's cute...

Gotta cover the lie, folks...

If one Googles news stories about this video from Sept. 19, there are quite a few, many talking about homophobia. But the ones I saw referenced each other or used a big honking qualifier like the quote above. They did not quote the words of the preacher. I'm sure the original charge of homophobia can be tracked down, and maybe this quote is it. But who has time for this much folly?

Islamic hate speech preacher? Really?

My opening link (from much later), which deals with the same video and calls it Islamic hate speech, referenced a Sept. 21 post by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit: WOW! Watch This=> Boy Takes Down Islamic Hate Preacher in Most Scottish Way Possible.

From that post (my bold):

Must See to Believe–

An Islamic hate preacher set up his loud speaker in the center of a Scottish town and began screaming Koranic verses.

Who needs niceties with propaganda?

This guy just lays it out there without any pretense to cover the lie.

Once again, I am sure the original charge of Islamic hate speech can be found, and maybe this quote is it.

The rational way. Really!

Talk about trading up the chain! ("Trading up the chain" is an online media technique by Ryan Holiday of spreading disinformation.)

Now let's get rational.

Back to MM's Sept. 21 link by Nicole Bitette from the New York Daily News: Scottish bagpiper shuts up hate preacher.

From that article (my bold):

It is unclear exactly what the preacher was saying — but bystanders reported him to the police due to his disruptive messages.

Ahh... that's better...

Or we can look at a Sept. 19 article by Richard Rooney in The Courier: VIDEO: St Andrews piper defeats street preacher ‘in the most Scottish way possible’.

From that article (my bold):

Footage posted by Lachie Blair on the Overheard in St Andrews Facebook page shows a man using a small amplifier to shout out his message beside the fountain in Market Street.

Locals said his message was almost impossible to understand, but seemed to be aggressive and was ruining the atmosphere on a lovely sunny day in the town.

Now we're talking...

Incidentally, the link to the original Facebook post is in that quote.

Also, a day later The Courier interviewed the bagpipe player, one Daniel Boyle, 14 (see here), who was "amazed by his Internet stardom." A 14-year-old! Way cool...

Not one mention of homophobia or Islamic hate speech. On the contrary, the article repeats that locals said the preacher's message was garbled (the article used the term, "difficult to hear," but that meant garbled in this context seeing how the locals were also complaining about the noise).

Now us, the rational ones. Really?

My favorite quote is from a comment by one danermanerkider to the YouTube upload after watching the video:

What the fuck was he saying? Couldn't understand a single word he said.

No bold needed for that one.


And this is a lesson in Internet posting. Neither I, nor MM, nor all those journalists, had any business attributing (overtly or implied) an antigay or Islamic hate speech message to the preacher. No business at all.

It's even more of a gotcha seeing that anyone watching the video can easily hear the preacher. And nobody can understand him.

Let me repeat that.

Anyone who watches the video can fucking hear the preacher! And nobody can fucking understand him!


Yet we all stepped in it.

Live and learn. I'm changing the title to this thread.

But it's still funny--both the bagpipe player and the media. And my own goddam self.



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I prefer "learn and live."

We have two lives the one we learn with and the life we live after that.

Bernard Malamud


Glen Close explains to Robert Redford at his hospital bed..."I believe we have two lives, the life we learn with and the life we live with after that."


A truism is to be understood to be of value

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Understanding the preacher's words have nothing to do with it. It is the loud noise he generates.

My bagpipes are on order.


call me "beam me up" Scotty

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