my email about taxes to my rep in Ottawa (funny)

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This is what I wrote to laurie.hawn, my representative in Ottawa who wanted to know what I and others in his riding think about taxes. He made the mistake of asking me what I think and I told him.
I got your recent flyer about taxes.
I believe all taxes should be abolished. There should be no such thing as taxes. No income tax, no property tax, no taxes of any kind.
You might ask, how would government be supported without taxes. Voluntary donations. You might say, government wouldn't get enough money that way. Good. Government would be reduced to a decent size. Government would be required to be more efficient. Government would respond better to the people; people would have more control of government than just voting. Government would shape up or shut down. If people wouldn't donate to government, maybe that's because the government isn't worth donating to.

I think if government was supported only by voluntary donations and nothing else, a deal would evolve that people would be able to decide which department of government their money goes to. From the point of view of the people donating, they would have more control of where the money goes. From the point of view of government, it would get more money. So it would be a win-win deal and therefore probably would be done.

For example if there is an unpopular war going on, people could refuse to donate to the war while donating to the police department or judicial department. Government would be required to explain to the people why the war is necessary and it would have to be a good enough explanation that people would voluntarily choose to donate enough of their hard earned money to make the war possible. In the existing setup, people are forced to support mass murder with their hard earned money even if they are opposed to the mass murder and little or no explanation is given.

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Lol did he reply?

This is the reply I got.

Thank you for sharing your comments and ideas with us about abolishing taxes. Mr. Hawn greatly appreciates hearing from his constituents, and I will pass along your comments to him.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact our office.

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