Aesthetic Taste as a Crime


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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a recent column in which he judges people as being guilty of "body-shaming" for having the aesthetic and sexual tastes and preferences that they have:

If you are not aesthetically/sexually attracted to a woman due to the fact that you think that she is too manly, or whatever, then you are being bad. You should apparently reeducate yourself, and force yourself to change your tastes and preferences so as to include everyone, because all opinions of what is feminine or masculine are just evil social impositions meant to hurt certain people. Even if a woman looks like Ray Nitschke or James Harden (beard and all), you should get an instant boner when you look at her, and if you don't you're guilty of attacking her with "body-shaming."


Personally, I think that both of the Williams sisters are hot, but that's just my personal tastes. No one should be shamed into having to agree with me.

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Control is the goal, and guilt is the means to that goal.

The article is nothing more than your daily dose of stupid shit. Unfortunately, a number of people will take it seriously.

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