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Michael Stuart Kelly

Cthulhu for President

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Cthulhu Announces He’s Running For President, Promises To Eliminate ISIS By Destroying Reality
by Zack Zagranis
July 12, 2015


From the article:

Cthulhu pleased conservatives and liberals alike when he promised to end both abortions and gun related casualties by turning everyone on Earth into pulpy heaps of charred flesh and sinew.

I'm trying to think of something funny to add to this, but the philosophical implications are just too important.



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This would be funnier--as in funnier strange and funnier funny--if you hadn't put it in the Humor section.

--Brant :smile: (necessary these days or they may think you're being snarky :smile: )

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There's a piece of unauthorized fan fiction floating out there, combining the worlds of HP Lovecraft and PG Wodehouse. It's called Scream for Jeeves. Here's a taste:

We did not pause long, but shiveringly began to cut a swath through the ancestral debris down the steps. It was then that Jeeves noticed something odd.

'You will observe, sir, that the hewn walls of the passage, according to the direction of the strokes, must have been chiseled from beneath.'

'From beneath, you say, Jeeves?'

'Yes, sir.'

'But in that case—'

'For the sake of your sanity, sir, I would advise you not to ruminate on the implications.'

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Why settle for the lesser of evils. Vote C'thulu

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