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Michael Stuart Kelly

Hilarious Reaction to Robbery

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Hilarious Reaction to Robbery

I just saw this on TheBlaze.

Robbery Suspect Surely Didn’t Expect These Words to Come Out of His Victim’s Mouth: ‘Do Me a Favor…’
by Jon Street
Aug. 4, 2015

From the article:

Tim Head was just getting home from work in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Saturday when he walked in on the alleged suspect, 22-year-old Raykeem Byrd, taking some of his belongings, WFMY-TV reported.

“He just told me to get on the floor and I said ‘What,’ and he said to get on the floor again,” Head told WFMY-TV. “That’s when he knocked me a good one. So I got on the floor then. And I told him, ‘Just don't shoot me!”

Head gave the suspect $442 dollars, his cell phone and his gun, which Byrd then used to hold the victim at gunpoint. But right as Byrd was leaving, Head called out to the suspect with a request you probably wouldn't expect from someone whose home was just robbed.

“I said ‘Do me a favor,” Head told WFMY-TV. “What is that?” the suspect reportedly responded.

“Pull your pants up. I cannot stand seeing someone with their underwear hanging out,” the homeowner said.

And while you might not think that an alleged robber would do what a victim tells him, Byrd proved he was the exception.

“Yes sir,” the suspect reportedly said, just before walking out the door.

There's even more to the story (go to the link to get it), but when I read this, I had to stop at this point.


The pain... the pain...



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The LOL doesn't transcend the crime.


shooting the punk in the ass would be my idea of funny here, but anybody who can get a chuckle get it; nothing wrong with that

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