Happy Birthday, Robert Campbell

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If this was a drinking song they must have been very good musicians in the eighteenth century. The guys in the video are working hard at it, and they seem to be sober.

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Happy birthday Robert.

During that recital I was recoiling every time it differed from our national song. It seemed like a Gilbert and Sullivan parody but it was still good. I would agree with Mr. Reidy too. If the singing chorus had all been in Rugby jerseys and holding mugs of beer it would have been more rousing. For he's a jolly good fellow, by the dawn's early light.

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Neil Armstrong asked: By the way, has anyone tried Windows 10? end quote

Is it as funny as those out of sync saxophones that sounded like trombones and fluggle horns at times?

I am holding steady, for now, without Windows 10. I went to 8 and hated it and quickly went back to 7. I will wait a month for good reviews and then download it after talking it over with my wife.

Gulp! Babe, I don't know what happened to all our family pictures. I did not. I don't like the new internet service either, but we are stuck with it. Whoa! Put that frying pan down.

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