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In sequence, I was going to post John Oliver's rant about Trump winning, but I couldn't get through it.

If anyone wants to see it, go here. I don't feel like embedding it in one of my posts.

The problem wasn't that I got mad or anything. The problem is the video is half-an-hour long and after three minutes I kept looking at the clock to see when it would be over. It was an exercise of wallowing in hatred qua hatred, not humor. And not good hatred or clever hatred at that. Just kindergarten taunts. When he made the crack that Trump's language is worse than what Rumsfeld thinks to keep himself hard when he masturbates, and his tone of voice was snarl, not humor, I had to turn it off. What does Rumsfeld have to do with anything in this election? That was too much bile. 

Anyway, this is the humor thread. Some Trump haters might like that video.

I found revealing (I don't want to see John Oliver anywhere near power), but not interesting.


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