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On 7/26/2021 at 11:05 AM, william.scherk said:

Ken Bennett may have turned into a "traitor" ...

The audit-watchers report more drama.

The whole hideous mess is explored by my curated accounts today:

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For those who want to see a different drift than Twitter, if you don't have Telegram, go there, download the app and sign up to a few people you want to follow. The process is a bit clunky, but not only does it work, it is chock full of people who are no longer on Twitter. And the audience is huge.

For following the audits, a short time ago, a guy founded a channel for audits all over America. It now has about 150,000 users--and these are real users. He prunes bots and trolls. Steve Bannon pumps getting the word out to follow these people. (His War Room Podcast has 60 million daily downloads. :) ) 

Go here: America First Audits Chat.

But, but, but, it says they only have 26 028 members.

That's because these are members of the America First Audits Chat channel. Go to the pinned post dated July 27 and you will see this:



Please find your state and get settled 

AK @AKAuditChat
AL @ABAuditChat
CA @CalAuditChat
CO @COAuditChat
CT @CtAuditChat
DE @DEAuditChat
FL @FLAuditChat
GA @GAelectionauditchat
HI  @HIAuditChat
IA @IAFAuditChat
IN @INAuditChat
IL @ILAuditChat
KS @KSAuditchat
KY @KYAuditChat
LA @LAAuditChat
MA @MAAuditChat
MD @MDAuditChat
ME @MEAuditChat
MI @MichiganAuditChat
MN @MNAuditChat
MO @MOAuditChat
MS @MSAuditChat
NC @NCAuditChat
ND @NDAuditChat
NH @NHAuditChat
NJ @NJAuditChat
NM @NMAuditChat 
N V @NevadaAuditChat
NY @NYAuditChat
OH @OhioAuditChat
OK @OKAuditChat
OR @ORAuditChat
PA @PennAuditChat
RI @RIAuditChat
SC @SCAuditChat
TN @TNAuditChat
TX @TXAuditChat
UT @UTAuditChat
VA @VaAuditChat
WA @WAAuditChat
WI @WIAuditChat 
WV @WVAuditChat
WY @WYFAuditChat
AR @ARAuditChat
ID @IDAuditChat
MT @MTAuditChat
NE @NEAuditChat
SD @SDAuditChat
VT @VTAuditChat

Share & follow our main channel and chat for updates on America’s Audits.

Here is the list for people who do not have Telegram. Click on a link and you can see the chat activity on a browser.


Add these people to the members of the main channel and that's where you get the larger number. As I said, this started only a few days ago and it already has all these states up and about 150k people actively using them.

What do they do? They share information on how to get full forensic audits in their states for the 2020 election and how to pass voting integrity laws. They deal with who to contact, what procedures are necessary, what the state laws are, how to spread the word around and get people on board, and things like that.

I imagine Twitter is not amused. But who needs Twitter to change the country? :) 


btw - Bopping around, I came across this statement from today by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann: 



So Ken Bennett was barred from continuing with the Senate's recount because of the leak (which he apologized to Senator Fann for). However, he will be involved in drafting the final report.

Meanwhile the fake news media is trying to gin up a shit storm.

It sounds to me like this audit is right over target.

Notice that all the right people are communicating with each other as the alt media gets stronger and stronger. Don't forget, this post is only dealing with Telegram. There are a bunch of alt sites (like GAB, Gettr, Parler, and so on) where audit activity is being discussed and promoted. And don't forget the physical stuff. All those churches and organizations out there that hold meetings.

Short of a military takeover of the American Government and establishment of a dictatorship, there is no way for the oligarchy to stop this audit train. Also, Big Tech and even the fake news media are finally getting a taste of the limitations of their power.



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21 hours ago, william.scherk said:
On 7/26/2021 at 11:05 AM, william.scherk said:

Ken Bennett may have turned into a "traitor" ...

The audit-watchers report more drama.

Melodrama? Quality control? Transparency and integrity? 


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Wait I thought he was an audit official or regulator , has he always been the liaison?? Pretty sure it was his audit , if he quit the audit is probably bunk right? I mean he was like one of the three big maffas running it wasn't he?? Pretty sure .

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Just to round out Act Two, Jen Fifield reports Ken Bennett changed his mind about resignation. I'm guessing he wants back in the loop.


The main person who has been overseeing the Arizona Senate's review of Maricopa County election results said late Wednesday he will continue to stay on as liaison, walking back an initial statement in the morning that he would resign.

Ken Bennett, former secretary of state who has served as the Senate's liaison, had told James T. Harris on KFYI on Wednesday morning that he will step down, in frustration at being denied access to the building where the audit is taking place and yet still being asked to continue to serve as the liaison.



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Ninjas cain't count!


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Thank God the government isn't paying for it (or all of it).


What's happening is how real fact-checking works. 

People pissed about lies fund fact-checking.

It gets complicated because people pissed about their lies no longer working fund propaganda outfits calling themselves fact-checkers, so there's that.

So who to believe?

Well, you have to step beyond the he-said she-said frame. 

And this is where Rand comes in. Verification happens by observation. That is how you connect the abstract to reality. You observe reality. That's how I learned Objectivist epistemology.

When some fact-checkers say you can't observe results because you have to trust the people in power, and other fact-checkers put cameras 24/7 on their fact-checking activities and say anybody can watch (in addition to a slew of other transparency measures), ask who you prefer to rely on.

The answer will tell you a lot about yourself.


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Yet I guess to Canadians we in the “states” all have a southern accent.

Buddy you're a young man hard man, Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day You got blood on yo' face, You big disgrace, Wavin' your banner all over the place We will we will rock you Sing it We will we will rock you

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