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PM wrote:


88) This is why Hillary won't be the nominee.

I respectfully disagree with him.

I think what Barr said will be one of the main reasons she will be the nominee. All of the people going down now and in the near future are not gone, nor will they be gone by November. And they are they going to go down without a fight. I think a Clinton nomination at the last minute will be their hail Mary pass. There are certainly enough of them around to ensure she will be the candidate if that is what they want. After all, if she runs and by some miracle wins, all their problems go away.

At least I think they think that.

Also, I doubt the woman problem will take out Biden. In my understanding, he either won't be alive at nominating time or will be too incapacitated to accept.

And I don't think that will be due to natural causes.

I might be wrong, but that's what my crystal ball is telling me.


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From The Hill article cited: That leaves Clinton. Biden could choose Clinton as his running mate and then step down before the election and allow Hillary to run in his place. Clinton is the only VP candidate who would be able to pull off such a last-minute switch. She has the team, the resources and the experience to be the nominee; Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) do not. end quote

I don’t think a secret service protected candidate can be stealthily “bumped off or switched.”  I think it is more likely there would be NO political switch in a Biden / Clinton ticket during a campaign but if there is a “problem” she would step in. And she would always be there for back up after a successful election as Biden puts White House work on her shoulders But is Hillary the best VP choice for Joe's election?

If it is an election as usual the winning candidate will win the popular vote by 1 percent. I think it is more likely Joe will run with a trustworthy, younger female candidate who can garner electoral votes. The above mentioned VP picks may not be a complete list. And Minnesota and California are already guaranteed to be Biden country. And Biden’s Delaware has a paltry 3 electoral votes and Stacey Abrams’ Georgia, 16.

To get some traction during the current scandal and the coronavirus Joe Biden could pick several people to do campaign pod casts for him. Who is the best addition? The answer is blowing in the winds of future events. There are about seven months to go before the election. Peter

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According to Whittle.....The primaries will be cancelled. The strategy is after Bidens acceptance, after the convention and before the election the DNC can ask Joe to step down, to fall on his sword and if he doesnt want to they'll start taking Reade seriously. But the DNC can select anyone of its choosing along with a vote from democratic governors, removing Biden and installing someone without voters support but who may stand a chance of winning against Trump. If either Biden or Sanders had clinched the nomination prior to the convention the case for deposing  that person is much weaker. What the dems want is they want to say they (Biden/Sanders) didnt actually win the nomination. They want to retain an aura of illegitimacy around Biden because they want to jettison Biden.

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43 minutes ago, Jon Letendre said:

Faux democratic process from this faithfully fascist-in-practice party of scum.


And don't forget Bloomberg has a cool billion invested. If he's like every other billionaire on earth, once he loses it, he wants it back.

The only viable person who can make that happen, who can even slap together a national campaign at this point is Queen Jezebel.

Besides, I believe he and HC have been burning up the phone lines at night for a long time plotting this.


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On 4/16/2020 at 12:15 PM, Ellen Stuttle said:

It doesn't sit well with your core story?  



By chance, I just now learned what the elitists call core story.

They call it “cognitive immunity.”

And where did I learn this term? Why Rush Limbaugh, who, according to elitist ruling class apologist supreme, Thomas L. Friedman, is the destroyer of cognitive immunity. From Rush today:

Thomas L. Friedman Accuses Me of Destroying “Cognitive Immunity”


Have you ever heard of something called “cognitive immunity”? I Googled it. There is a term. But I have been accused, ladies and gentlemen, of destroying it. I have been accused of destroying our collective cognitive immunity. This happened Friday night. CNN, The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer is talking to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. And Wolf Blitzer said to Friedman, “You know, you write in your latest column that this crisis is putting leadership skills under a microscope. What’s this showing us about President Trump?”

FRIEDMAN: Cognitive immunity is our ability to sort out truth from lie, fact from fiction, science from, you know, quackery. And what Trump has done throughout his presidency, but particularly through these briefings, is that he’s destroying our collective cognitive immunity with the help of people like Rush Limbaugh and Fox, the hosts on their show. They’re destroying our cognitive immunity to sort out what is fact, what is science, what is not. In the process, that’s gonna lead to undermining our physical immunity.

RUSH: All right. So there you have it. I am helping the president destroy your cognitive immunity. Meaning I am making it more and more difficult for you to understand fact from fiction, science from quackery and lie from truth and so forth. I had never heard of cognitive immunity. Maybe it’s some term that’s explicit in psychology. So I’ve never heard of this term. Here comes Friedman now using it and claiming that I and a bunch of people at Fox News are destroying your ability. You know what all of this is? You know what this means?

It means they used to have a monopoly over what people thought and it’s gone, that they don’t just get to say whatever they want and have it automatically be believed by a majority of Americans, and so there’s gotta be a fall guy for that, and that’s me. And, by the way, I will gladly accept responsibility for that, whatever role this program played in busting up the mainstream media monopoly.

There you have it.

What does this have to do with core story?

Well, in core story terms, people like Thomas L. Friedman, meaning the fearless heroes of Science, the Keepers of the Fact and Truth, the Vanquishers of Vile Prevarication of the Vulgus, the Protectors of the Planet by Technocratic Fiat, the Order of the Captains of Climate Change, the Aristocracy of Mainstream Media Morality, the Engineers of Human Husbandry, are no longer the good guys.

They have become the villains.

Their cognitive immunity has been stolen from them, nay, stolen from the very society that was assigned to feed, clothe and house them in the lap of luxury.

Nobody believes them anymore just because they are awesome, poor things.

What's worse, the Russians were probably behind it all.



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That polling data was from RealClearPolitics. But what does it tell you in your gut? Is Trump going to lose? Or do the people polled consist of some who want to keep Biden in the race so Donald J. Trump will win? You be the judge.

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Of course, everyone should remember Obama is Hawaiian / Asian because he went to Menteng in Indonesia from1970 to 1971 and Punahou School in Honolulu from 1971 to 1979. And he was a furriner not born in the U.S. Joke. Remember all those stories? I went to Radford H.S. near Pearl Harbor with a lot of military children and I remember Punahou as a private, more posh school. But Radford was great! Peter   

Notes. State Elementary School Menteng 01 (Indonesian: Sekolah Dasar Negeri (SDN) Menteng 01), also known as SDN Besuki or the Besuki school, is an Indonesian public school in Menteng, Jakarta. History The school was founded in 1934 as Carpentier Alting Stichting Nassau School (CAS)[1] by the Dutch colonial administration and was reserved for Dutch children and children of the Indonesian nobility. The Indonesian government took over administration of the school in 1962, and has since been run by the Raden Saleh Foundation.

Notable former students include the children of Bambang Trihatmodjo, son of former president Suharto, as well as the grandchildren of former vice presidents Hamzah Haz and Try Sutrisno. In 1970–71, US President Barack Obama attended the school for one and a half years.[2] Obama's announcement of his candidacy for United States president in January, 2007 drew worldwide media attention to the school, with many media outlets sending reporters there, including The Chicago Tribune,[3][4]NBC,[5] and the BBC.[6]Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press reported: "Those tied to the school say they are proud to have had a student like Obama, and hope that, if he is elected president, his ties to Indonesia will broaden his world perspective and his views on religion."[7]

TODAY AT PUNAHOU Virtual Celebration: Holokū and May Day (opens in new window/tab)  Join us for our week-long celebration.

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