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Michael wrote: Or maybe it's kind of Tooheyesque... end quote

The camera zooms in and we see a close up of Donald Trump reading the bible, and saying: Crap. The last chapter was better. That Jindal better watch his mouth.

An Aide walks in after knocking. You asked me to brief you Mr. Trump? Tonight, CBS News interviewed several people in China about you and what you have said about the Chinese.

So, tell me what they said about me.

Many could not identify you by your picture. Some knew about you and were gratified that now you thought of them as worthy opponents. One guy, a comedian said your hair is gold and defies gravity.

A comedian? What a loser. Write this down. I want you to give this comedian a thousand bucks American if he will say these jokes I am thinking up as I speak, during his next stand up routine.

Yes, Mr. Trump.

You know I’ve been to China and it has some of the worst smog I have ever had the misfortune to see and breath. Cooking pots. Back yard smelters. Junky cars. That’s not a joke. OK! I got it. Car jokes. You ready?

Yes sir. I am recording sir.

Confucius say, fat women first to run out of gas.

Confucius say, fat woman have maternal combustion engine.

Confucius say, man who drive with goose, be first to be down sized.

Confucius say, man who run under car hear low down. Think they will get that?

Confucius say, man who smell gas all the time get half tanked.

Confucius say, man who run into car make a dent in the problem.

You sure your machine is getting this? OK. Confucius say, student driver who do homework in car get crash course and book thrown at him. Damn. That is good.

Confucius say, man who run in front of car get tired.

Confucius say, man who run behind car get exhausted. Heh. Okay. You go back to China with a decent recorder and get

him filmed saying those jokes to a Chinese audience. See if they laugh.

Yes, Mr. Trump.

Now get out. I’m going on that girlie show with Megyn Kelly at nine tonight. The girls from Deluth Trading Company are coming over to do my hair. That Megyn better kiss my ass.

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It is intriguing.  I've been fairly obsessed for about a year with thinking about details.  I find microbiology fascinating. I wouldn't be wise, however, to talk about details.  The schemers are

That's what it says at the top of the page.  Your point?  It's not like this thread has devolved into a medley of cat videos.  Yet.  

Might as well do to them now. If they get back in power they'll do it to us regardless. --Brant

Posted Images

My biggest problem with Trancinski’s anti-Trump stance is that he is making judgments based on too little data. He says he will not be part of a campaign for a “Great Leader.” Nor will I. He will not vote for Trump if he is nominated. That is very, very wrong - at this point of a campaign. In fact Robert will support a third party run. If he is not using evidence and reason to come to a decision what is he using to make a judgment call of this magnitude? I think it is dislike and dislike is an emotion.

I may go to the convention not supporting Trump, but if he is nominated, I will decide then whether I will vote for somebody who can win, or vote for some other non Republican ensuring a Democrat win.


From The Federalist, The Not Trump Not Bush Republican Primary by Robert Tracinski, September 11, 2015.
A lot of the support for Donald Trump is fueled by outrage against the Republican establishment. But those who ask us to understand this anger—as if it were a totally new phenomenon that none of us had ever noticed before—are ignoring the fact that Trump divides the right just as much as the establishment does. There is a whole cohort of people—Jonah Goldberg is one, and so am I —who will walk away from the Republican Party and split off from the right in the unlikely case that it decides to embrace Trump. We won’t be part of a movement that’s based on ignorant, knee-jerk emotional prejudice, nor will we tolerate a campaign based on adulation of a “great leader.” (Or perhaps, North Korean style, Trump should be hailed as “Yuge Leader.”)

That’s not because we’re members of “the establishment.” It is precisely because we are looking for a genuine alternative to the compromising, pragmatist, go-along-to-get-along leadership, and Trump is currently sucking all of the oxygen out of that search. New poll data shows that he is mostly taking away support, not from Jeb Bush, but from the alternatives to Bush, all of whom are better, worthier candidates than Trump. Which means it’s time to stop playing Trump’s media game and stop talking about him—and start talking about everybody else.

In the last presidential cycle, the primaries were a competition to find the Not-Romney, the alternative to the moderate, establishment candidate with all of the big fundraising. This cycle started out as a competition to be the Not-Bush, with Jeb Bush in the Mitt Romney role. But then Trump entered the race, and now the competition is for who can occupy the space in between—who can be the Not-Trump-Not-Bush. Who can stand next to Bush and look like a radical who will overturn the status quo—and stand next to Trump and look reasonable, safe, and serious?

We’re going to have to coalesce around a third alternative candidate, and we’d better start figuring out who.
Because that’s how this is probably going to shake out. Trump is unlikely to get the nomination. He has a history too full of flip-flops on the big issues and a personality too full of off-putting negative qualities. He’s an early protest candidate, but not the guy you actually want for the general election. Those motivated by raw, inchoate anger, and not too particularly about whom they choose as a vessel for it, will go to Trump. Those who recoil to the safety of the status quo will support Jeb Bush. The rest of us will eventually have to coalesce around a third alternative candidate. So we’d better start figuring out who that person is going to be.

Let’s put it this way. If you want the Republican Party to stand for something, and not for someone, who is your candidate? Let’s run down the possibilities.

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Donald Trump doesn't deserve to be attacked. He deserves to be pitied. September 10, 2015 By Sean Davis at The Federalist:
Here’s what Jerry Seinfeld said: Very early on in my career, I hit upon this idea of being the Heckle Therapist. So that when people would say something nasty, I would immediately become very sympathetic to them and try to help them with their problem and try to work out what was upsetting them, and try to be very understanding with their anger. It opened up this whole fun avenue for me as a comedian, and no one had ever seen that before. Some of my comedian friends used to call me – what did they say? – that I would counsel the heckler instead of fighting them. Instead of fighting them, I would say “You seem so upset, and I know that’s not what you wanted to have happen tonight. Let’s talk about your problem” and the audience would find it funny and it would really discombobulate the heckler too, because I wouldn’t go against them, I would take their side.
end quote

Republican skeptics of Trump shouldn’t become outraged every time Trump says something absurd or ridiculous. They should be sympathetic. Republican candidates on the debate stage with Trump shouldn’t attack him, they should feel empathy for him. Don’t ridicule Trump for the kind of behavior that would never be tolerated from toddlers, let alone fully grown adults. Instead, engage him and ask him why he thinks a rich, powerful, famous man like himself feels the need to belittle the looks of a cancer survivor. As Seinfeld noted, the key to disarming an angry, insecure heckler who’s desperate for attention isn’t a quick, witty response. It’s pity.

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If Trump unfairly attacks a Republican candidate who then loses in the primaries will he get that candidate's ardent supporters to switch to him? I am not so sure. If I were running I would phrase my responses to criticism from other Republican candidates in this fashion: give a response with substance. Don't take it personally. If it is truly personal as Bobby Jindal's remarks were, then certainly, fire away but . . . decide before you speak that you want to garner Jindal's one percent of the votes, if possible. Don't criticize his supporters who may be from his home state, or people of Indian descent, or ALL OF Jindal's positions some of which you might agree.

My other advice to the guy who is in first place would be to really learn to speak about topics with some substance like Carly, Rand, and Ted do. Get that political manifesto out into the public arena. I think I may check back in with Trump's site to see if he has improved it.


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Peter did have a joke



Ever do standup?

I bet if I scratch nearby, I will find a microphone and a pile of routines.




These two are really excellent.

Their timing is exquisite...just the way they use the deck of many folks noticed which deck of cards it is?

When they got to Lindsay "The Cross Dressing Senator" Graham and the telephone pole I was literally laughing out loud in my office.

A joy to watch...I have to see if there is a transcript of this one to enjoy the internal use of words.


Post Script: There is a rumor out that Peter did write a hilarious joke once, however it died of loneliness...




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[Quoting Tracinski] We won’t be part of a movement that’s based on ignorant, knee-jerk emotional prejudice, nor will we tolerate a campaign based on adulation of a “great leader.” (Or perhaps, North Korean style, Trump should be hailed as “Yuge Leader.”)


This is the way Tracinski sees someone like me.

There is no place in his self-image of entitled intellectual for a rational thinker to disagree with him and actually support Trump. For him, I have to be overcome by "ignorant, knee-jerk emotional prejudice," or be an enthralled "great leader" groupie or be a cowed sheeple like those in North Korea.

Ironically, Trump brags a lot, but if you look at what he does and how he does it, in Trump's world, anyone can become a millionaire. Anyone can become successful. Anyone can go to the top of the world. And he celebrates that.

All you need to do is study, work hard, be smart in your dealings, stretch your abilities, and work with (and learn from) those better than you. Surround yourself with the best in the world and stretch. Day after day after day. Then take pleasure at all the stuff you are doing, all the ways you are leaving the world a better place.

In Tracinski's world, a person cannot ascend anywhere without the gatekeeping approval of him or others like him. He has decided that he must tell everyone what to think. And if they don't accept his pearls of wisdom as innately superior to what is in their own minds and souls, he wants to take his marbles and go home so nobody can play.

Fortunately, we have a system where self-proclaimed power-freaks do not have to get the last word.

This goes directly to the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. In a growth mindset, you constantly look at your context and your principles. You run your principles through a nonstop feedback loop against reality and observation. You learn by study and by doing. You fine tune your efforts. You make mistakes and you fix them, always bearing in mind some goal you want to achieve.

In a fixed mindset, a principle becomes dogma, the glue that holds together the belief that you are superior to the masses. You learn by study and approval from other self-proclaimed superiors. You have goals, but they are not about doing. They are about being. You either want to become superior to others, or you want to maintain your belief that you are. There are lots of words and forms of this, but they all boil down to a steady inner comparison of yourself against others.

The American spirit is growth-oriented. Productive Americans (in general) like to improve themselves and they like to make stuff. They also like people who reach for the stars. Hell, they want to reach for the stars. They are generous.

In Randian terms, she called this a sense of life, but I don't like that term. It is way too fuzzy and premised on pondered choices about existence in order to pre-program the emotions. And that doesn't correspond to the reality of the human brain. (It might a little, but only in a highly restricted context where other things are going on, too, not as an underlying mental bedrock for the whole enchilada as Rand claimed.)

Tracinski's not alone. I'm seeing a fixed mindset in Glenn Beck. In his core story, he is a prophet leading some people in America to become superior to all others (by restoring God to first place in their lives, thus validating that Americans are the rightful heir to the Jews as God's chosen people). Glenn is totally perplexed by how many of his followers love Trump. He doesn't get it that these people see the world as a journey of growth and improvement, not as a need to change their identity to conform to a storyline, then live up to it.

In fact, this is Tracinski's problem, too. Just look how he resonates with Neocon Jonah Goldberg. These people consider American exceptionalism not as a growth mindset where anyone can make it, but as an inherent superiority to all other cultures on earth--so much so we have to impose our own culture on everyone else.

A growth mindset means a person is comfortable in his own skin and prioritizes self-development. He can even brag about what he has accomplished like Trump, become part of the economic elite, the power elite, whatever (like Trump has), but his fundamental nature is self-development. Money, position, and all the rest are results of going out in the world and giving specific projects his best shot, time and time again.

A fixed mindset means a person lives in chronic comparison with others to keep the belief of his own superiority in place. This person is an elitist of the soul. He wants to control others at root. And if he can't, he blames the world, never his own lack of effort and understanding.

The very existence of a person like Trump is uncomfortable to these people of self-proclaimed superiority. He does not bow down to them, but still gets great things accomplished. What's worse, he actually is superior to such people because of merit, which means he is superior in measurable specific parameters like money, achievements, ability, and so on.

His acceptance by a massively growing public made up of those who are also hard workers and achievers is like a resounding slap in the face.

It stings.

And it should.

It shows these "superior souls" just how irrelevant they are to good hardworking people. How can these superior souls be superior and irrelevant at the same time and still play? They can't. The only options are leave the playing field or learn how to become relevant.

And that means opening themselves to growth. And they can't do that because that means dealing with failure as they learn how get something right. In their fixed minds, superior people are not supposed to fail, so crack goes their worldview if they try to grow.

I believe this is the root of their visceral hatred of Trump. He is everything they should be but they wimped out on doing the hard stuff. And he doesn't even care because he's building something else right now. Something even bigger than before.


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Get a load of this:

Emasculated white men love Donald Trump: The real reason a billionaire bozo rules the GOP
Trump's rise is directly related to a certain white male limpness -- and their fear of a female president
by Stephan Richter


Sept. 10, 2015

Well, I'm glad that's been explained. Now we know the secret.

btw - Here's the picture from that gem of analysis:




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Trump in 2007 with Wolf Blitzer.


He said once the USA pulls out of Iraq, it will explode. Whoever takes over will make Saddam Hussein look like a good guy. (ISIS anyone?) And that the Iraq war was based on lies. In fact, the whole Bush administration was based on lies.


And so on...



My favorite characterization was of Condoleezza Rice. Trump said she waves. She meets this world leader and waves to the cameras. She meets that world leader and waves to the cameras. She's always waving. She seems like a nice person, but she doesn't make deals. She waves.





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Was there a Crow in "And then there were none?"

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Be careful, guys.

This could be another media trap that will end up bumping Trump's numbers.

But just so people remember, Trump did say this about Carly a month ago:

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>



Thats my line , I got IP on the zero chance cliche

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Oh yeah, I forgot.


I was going to post a news article about this, but let the man tell you himself.



Now that's how to settle a PC language dispute with major broadcasters.



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Can't wait to see the contestants.

It's all about the tipping point between how much nakedness is needed to max out the most beauty, unleavened with too much ignorance and lack of brains. And some of those women are really smart.


sexist since 8 and at 13 out of the gate (don't rein reign me in)

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The Donald...he even does this shit well!

Remarkable man.

The fact that he could do this self effacing humor and do it well raises my respect and admiration of him.

And I thought that was impossible!!!!

Thanks Michael, Drudge had that headline and I had not had a chance to look at it.


Also, Fallon did an excellent job and I was not a fan of his from the few times I have seen him.

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Uh oh.

Things just got serious.

Maybe the folks who say Trump doesn't have a chance in hell are on to something.

According to the following Daily Caller article, they have the support of a famous psychic medium from Orange County, California, Bill Philipps.

Cali Psychic Medium Says Donald Trump Will Not Be President


Now that psychics are getting involved, I gotta get my worry hat on.

Psychic Philipps said the spirits of the dead want to strip Trump of his power and ego through powers other than the general public. Like, say, the electoral college. I didn't know ghosts talked about the electoral college, but, according to this article, it seems they do.

So go on, you anti-Trump folks. Gloat. Go on. Rub it in. See if I care.

You now have supernatural allies specialized in technical American election procedures.

And any fellow Trump supporters out there, do not take this lightly. This is top priority to get our man elected.

Maybe if Trump sacrificed a goat or something, he can get the evil eye off him...



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Maybe if Trump sacrificed a goat or something, he can get the evil eye off him...



Can't we just roast some Christians?


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You lost me, bro...

I don't understand your meaning.


A poor joke - the anti Christian crowd would want to substitute a Cristian for the goat...not funny just irritated about what I see as the myopic attacks on Trump...

Also, the recent poll that found more than a third of the Evangelicals are fully behind The Donald...

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