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Adam wrote: See the O'bama campaign of 2008.
end quote

Hope and Change and Blather? That is a good comparison, Adam. Of course Obuma was not specific but I want to see more from the Trump-man.

Dylan Stableford Senior editor Yahoo Politics ‎August‎ ‎11‎, ‎2015:
“I do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning,” Trump said on CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday. “And I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

“I’m running as a Republican, I’m leading in every poll … I’m leading all over the place and I want to run as a Republican,” he said. “If I am treated fairly that’s the way it’s going to be, but I want to keep that door open. I have to keep that door open because if something happens where I’m not treated fairly, I may very well use that door.”

end quotes

Finally. I can live with that last declaration about running as a Republican. I take that to mean he will stay a Republican if they do not boycott HIM and that is very fair and consoling for someone who would never forgive someone like Adam, who did not vote for the better candidate, as some did during the Obama – Romney election. I will put my shame on you finger back on the keyboard.

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It is intriguing.  I've been fairly obsessed for about a year with thinking about details.  I find microbiology fascinating. I wouldn't be wise, however, to talk about details.  The schemers are

That's what it says at the top of the page.  Your point?  It's not like this thread has devolved into a medley of cat videos.  Yet.  

I just thought of something, don't tell anyone, but if you needed or wanted to pay someone off for political favors and you were friendly with people in the publishing industry you could have them sig

Posted Images

But if he is nominated could he overcome the wave of scorn from the media?


Man, do you give a lot of power to certain media elites.

You just enshrined them as the top-level gatekeepers to anyone becoming president.

It's time to check a premise or two. And I suggest you use your eyes, not the opinions of those media elites.

What happens if those media elites are beat at their own game?

They are getting their snarky asses whipped, you know.

I see Trump punking the media time and time again. Punking it bad. Don't you see that? All you have to do is look.

I see Trump's ratings grow every time he punks the media. Every single time. Do you see that? Or do you not want to see it? I mean, it's there right in front of everybody.

Here's the pattern:

1. Trump says something outrageous, with a low-key built-in doubt about what he meant. A doubt easy to ignore if one suddenly suffers a strong emotional hijack.

2. The Social Justice Warriors in the media elite go on a rampage of outrage. Shitstorm.

3. These media elites predict this time Trump has gone too far and he is dead. Front page headlines and ledes. Oodles of them.

4. Trump refuses to apologize and starts hammering the built-in doubt, all the while calling these media elites morons. Other media outlets--of which there are many--publish this and those very same SJW media elites that attacked Trump are suddenly forced to mention Trump's view (in their rants) or lose credibility. Along the way, Trump reminds people of how politicians are morons, too.

5. Trump's ratings increase.


Don't you see this? You have to see it. This is almost a step-by-step fill-in-the-blank template that circles around like a clock.

So what makes you think this will stop at some magical point and suddenly the American public will bow down and say "Allah" to certain media elites and adopt their views about Trump? Just because these media elites say this is what is going to happen or else?




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Michael wrote: It's time to check a premise or two. And I suggest you use your eyes, not the opinions of those media elites. What happens if those media elites are beat at their own game? end quote and end game?

You are full of optimism and it is contagious. But look at the firestorm the shooting of Cecil occasioned. I think it made it to all the major networks and magazines like People, and Online Newsweek, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Oh, the inhumanity. Oh the horror. Ferguson. Treyvon Martin. The Lindberg Baby. The Titanic. Could Truck, I mean Trump, run the media over every time?

On the other hand your prescription is the stuff great campaigns are made of. Not too shabby for the weekend as the weathermen say. Once he publishes the real deal I may just support Trump. I believe I even saw a website to contribute to his campaign. We don’t want Mr. Trump spending his own money to be our next great President – our new George, Thomas, John, or Ronald.

I will save your five point diagnoses for my wife. She is actually asking me how do your pals think Trump could POSSIBLY WIN?

Michael wrote: You mean like canceling invitations for Trump to speak at places like RedState? That kind of boycott? end quote

Could he act in such a manner that whoever is throwing the next shebang will not let him into the debate hall? Could Ferguson type mobs assemble to block his entering a building? Could Viet Nam level protests be organized against Trump? Have you no fear?

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Have you no fear?

Nope and no pain or guilt...

Thanks for that hanging curve ball, you can get it back from that kid in left field seats.


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Got to go but just one more thought about the RNC banning Trump from the debates, mobs blocking his entrance to events and booing him down and Vietnam level protests against Trump. Who owns the government. Obama. Who is Hillary going to be in cahoots with? Obama, the government, and four fifths of the media. All of those will blatantly or subtly be against Trump and for the democrat. Look into Hillarys eyes and you see Machiavelli, and the all powerful Oz. Hillary and her vast progressive army of activists and students will . . . I will try not to cry Michael . . . make our lives miserable.

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I tried to listen to Glenn Beck today. But it was hard. He was playing set-up-a-gotcha with recent Trump events.

He played Megyn's statement that Donald Trump and her disagree, this business is tough, and now it's time to move on. Then Glenn actually treated this as if Megyn whipped The Donald's ass. Even his cohorts made faces before caving to his opinion.

Then he dissected Trump's tweet about Roger Ailes against the statement Ailes issued. Glenn made a big deal about who said who called who and so on, then said he knew what really went on because he knows Roger Ailes.

So what was Glenn Beck's interpretation? I paraphrase, but the following is not too far off, especially if you take into account all the insinuations, sniggers from sidekicks and so on.

Glenn thinks Trump groveled at Ailes's feet because Ailes read him the riot act and told him to knock it off. Trump, tail between legs, slithered off and is blustering on Twitter to keep face.


I kid you not. He actually put it out there that Trump trembles in fear of Roger Ailes.

I love Glenn, but I had to stop listening. I don't even think Trump's enemies believe this bullshit. Bash Trump if you want because, in your current core story, the meek should inherit the earth and Trump ain't meek, but jeez. There is a little tiny thing called reality.


Come on, Glenn. I signed on to you because you were not the media elite that tries to manipulate folks with dirty tricks. You used to speak from the heart, but now you are acting like MSNBC. I guess power corrupts...


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I, also, just viewed this:



I swear, every time Krauthammer opens his mouth these days, I see elitist propaganda pouring right out of it. 


I have seen him several times since, and now that impression is all I see. He tries to effect a tone of intellectual superiority, but all that runs in my mind is a little video with Krauthammer's first comment right after the debate last Thursday: "The real story is the collapse of Trump in this debate. I thought this before I saw the Luntz group, but I think it is reinforced."


(See the video here: Fox’s Krauthammer: This Debate Was ‘The Collapse of Trump’.)


Krauthammer's comment was back-to-back with Luntz's declaration that the real news was the destruction of Trump's candidacy. So they got the bulk of those from the 24 million who stuck around to see the first comments


Then came reality.


Trump won the debate soon after that very night according to a poll on Drudge and Trump's ratings increased. Both Krauthammer and Luntz looked like they prostituted their integrity. In my opinion, they probably did.


Back to the video. Notice how Laura Ingraham kept trying to say something serious about why Trump's people support him to the pundits at the table, and her point kept slipping off them like water off an old worn oilskin. It's not that they disagreed. They treated it as something not worth talking about. 




No wonder Trump calls them morons and overrated.


Do you know what Krauthammer's thinking now is? He said it at the end of the video: that Trump really did lose the debate, that Trump knew he screwed up during the debate, so he attacked Megyn Kelly over the weekend as a diversionary tactic to get people's mind off the debate.


What a tool...



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Sorry to hear that Glenn Beck is on the skids intellectually.

Bill Clinton phoned Donald Trump and urged him to run. Maybe he told Donald to run as a third party commando to ensure Old Hickory Clinton’s victory! Well, says Rush, if he had said that, we would not have heard about it. Rush thinks the rumor was started by a Hillary Clinton staffer to sink Trump's boat with conspiracy theories, cuz ya know, that’s how pickup truck driver’s and Trump cracker’s think. Rush also said he hopes CNN swift boats Hillary with a question about Bill’s dalliance with about 8 different women. Hey Hillary how come it takes a village to satisfy your husband? Nah, never happen. There's a shrimp boat acommin'. Let's make Donald's song There's a Trump boat accommin.

I managed to hear a bit of Hannity too as I was pulling out of Donald’s favorite store, Walmart. He said Cruz may be in second place now, followed by Carson.

Think of all the candidates AND put a question mark next to their name if you really don’t know them or if you don’t trust them to do what they say during the campaign, like some RINO’S.

I still don’t know or trust Trump?? Rubio? Bush?? Christie??? Perry? Kasich?, Pataki?

Fiorina – half a ? Carson, Huckabee, Jindal, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, no question mark. I think this group will tell us who they are and DO what they say - after becoming President. I probably left some people out. Anyone else care to give any of them the question mark?

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You sure about that phone call Peter?

Sure it took place?

Sure it was about what Evita's aide said it was about?


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Grog ask: Sure it was about what Evita's aide said it was about? end quack

I thought I blocked you, you nag. Maybe its just in my inbox.

Krauthammer is not sounding like the smart man he is. Has Trump made any Jewish jokes or demonstrated any anti-Semiticism? What is Trump’s ethnicity? Charles Krauthammer was one of BB’s favorites and I still chant, Krauthammer! Krauthammer! when he shows up on Fox. I may whisper it now, or go Charley, Charley, rhymes with Carly, Carly. And my wife was getting tired of my antics anyway. Charles! Wake up and smell the ballots.

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Charles Krauthammer was one of BB’s favorites... .

Think Barbara would like his attitude now?

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We unearthed Donald Trump's Vine account from 2013 and it's incredible

Read more:

Check out: Trumps Vine account...from 2013...

I have no clue what a Vine account is


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Trump just retweeted this:



For those who don't know who Carl Icahn is, here's the Wikipedia article: Carl Icahn.


This is top, top talent. Another billionaire.



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Imagine if a really wealthy individual on this site said to all the posters on this thread "

Ok , I am going to give you $1 million . All you have to do is answer this question correctly .

Will Trump win the Republican nomination , or will someone else win it .

a million dollars , wired into your account . Trump or someone else .

I am curious who would really take Trump . I mean really actually take Trump . Not just talk , but risk a million dollars .

I really do believe MSK would take Trump . I know that I would take "the field " .

Curious who will answer this question , and what the answers will be .

Before anyone asks , USD , not Canadian

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Evita matched Trump with announcing that she had agreed to have Bernie Madoff as Treasury Secretary...

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I try to never bet emotionally.

The field is the only rational bet.

However, make that same offer after Iowa and I might take the Donald...


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Today I had a discussion with the therapist of Sean, my semi-autistic stepson. The therapist is very, very liberal (but a sweetheart of a guy).

Usually when we do small talk and get to politics, he always gives me a friendly "pat on the head" smirk as if he's tolerating some weird excess or aberration. (To his credit, he tries to keep a poker face, but he's just too nice to fake it well. :) )

Today he had that look on his face as he asked me if I saw the debate.

Me: I sure did.

Him: What did you think?

Me: They tried to bury Trump, but it didn't work.

Him: But what did you think about Megyn Kelly?

Me: She was one of the ones trying to bury him.

Him (starting to look incredulous): But come on. You mean Trump's still your guy?

Me: Yup.

Him: Why?

Me: He builds stuff.

Him: Yeah, but the debate...

Me: Lot's of people don't understand something. Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have about 40% of the Republican vote tied up.

Him: Really? Why them and not the others?

Me: They build preeminent stuff.

Him: Oh... "Stuff"? What do you mean "stuff"?

Me: Products. Preeminent products. Stuff people want and need. Have you seen a Trump building? It's magnificent. There are lots of them. And the books and TV shows... Preeminent. Ben Carson is the best in brain surgery. Famous for it. Preeminent. Carly was top executive at Hewlett Packard at a time when women weren't top executives. Preeminent.

Him: Oh...

Me: Lot's of people like me like folks who do that--who actually do stuff.

Him: But what about the others?

Me: Trump calls politicians morons. I think he's right.

Then we said goodbye.

It was such a pleasure to see the condescending look fade and be replaced by a slow pensive look as if seeing something for the first time.



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Mike wrote to Michael: It was a good story Michael. end quote

It was like one of Jesus’s parables. I was just looking at the midnight re-showing of Megyn’s show with the sound down and it showed Trump ahead in Iowa and in New Hampshire in the Suffolk University poll, if I got it right, but it was only a five point lead. Maybe we will learn how Megyn's ratings did tomorrow.

I do a Sunday Crossword puzzle constructed by Merl at Why is that relevant to Trump-meisters? The last clue is about the President. It was tricky and humorous and I just finished it though it took me several hours to complete. I needed to get a lot of the down clues right to solve the whole puzzle. Here are the best clues and answers for the tricky clues going across. Peter

Valedictorians favorite ice cream flavor: Smart cookie.
Football players favorite ice cream flavor: Super Bowl Sunday.
Struggling farmers favorite ice cream flavor: Macon Peanuts.
Reporters favorite ice cream flavor: Juicy Scoop.
Animators favorite ice cream flavor: Elmer Fudge.
Deep sea explorers favorite ice cream flavor: Choc Cousteau.
Car restorers favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry condition.
Professors favorite ice cream flavor: Academia Nut
Actress Anistons favorite ice cream flavor: Jen and Berries.
And last but not least, President Trump’s favorite ice cream flavor: Unimpeachable.

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I try to never bet emotionally.

The field is the only rational bet.

However, make that same offer after Iowa and I might take the Donald...


Agreed , If Iowa is in Feb which I believe I read somewhere then its a moot point cause DT will not be in the race by then so field bet it is .

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