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29 minutes ago, Mark said:

Great quote, I can use it.  Thanks.

In short,  The Donald is an irritant.  It takes a  bit of sand to make an oyster produce a pearl.

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Ba’al wrote: In short, The Donald is an irritant.  It takes a bit of sand to make an oyster produce a pearl. end quote

He is getting flak from Newt, McConnell, and Paul Ryan among others about his “common sense” approach to criticizing judges of Muslim or Hispanic heritage. One debating lady on Fox is saying the judges are Obama appointees. Her opponent is saying, should you vote for a racist republican instead of a democrat? (she is black.)


I picked up this scrap of newspaper, from The Huff Post, off the ground.

I Smell a Landslide, 06/06/2016 08:09 am ET Richard Brodsky Senior Fellow, Demos

The 2016 presidential election is unfolding like a Greek tragedy. With a few changes. A tragic hero, burdened by a fatal flaw, inexorably strides toward destruction; unstoppable, resolute and impervious to those who beg him to change. Thus proceeds the Donald . . . . Trump needs to learn how to close the deal. And it turns out that closing a political deal is not the same as closing a real estate deal . . . .  Don’t bet on it. Trump will likely keep insulting Hillary. He will likely keep raising issues of ethnicity, race and gender. He will lash out at opponents and shrug off specific plans. Hillary, having found her voice, will pound on the Commander-In-Chief issue, and the economy. Her own unpopularity will recede. Undecideds will break toward Hillary. Republicans will stay home in droves. Trump will win the Old Confederacy and a few Rocky Mountain states, but not by a lot. Hillary will win comfortably elsewhere. And the Senate and the House? Gone.

This inevitability of this outcome is dawning on Republicans everywhere. What you are smelling is primal fear. They can see it coming, an inevitable tidal wave sweeping them from power. The Senate: Gone. The House: Gone. It’s going to happen. But unlike most Greek tragedies, where the hero destroys himself but everyone else survives, he’s dragging everyone with him. Trump is about to destroy the Republican Party in his own mad dash to oblivion. end quote 

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7 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


I've heard him say it several times in the manner Jon said above. And I saw a meme recently that had a quote of his that was closer to the way I said it. I meant to save the meme so I could Google the exact words, but I lost where it was.

(Note later: It used the Twitter quote below.)

On looking around, the following phrase by him came from a phone in with Mark Halperin (on "With all Due Respect on Bloomberg, see here). "I believe in winning. I'm very good at winning."

And I found this:


Michael, I've just begun reading the Art of the Deal so as to better understand Trump... and I'm impressed. :) It must have been narrated, because it reads exactly like he talks.

"Most people are surprised by how I work. I play it very loose. I don't carry a briefcase. I try not to schedule too many meetings. I leave my door open. You can't be imaginative or entrepreneurial if you've got too much structure. I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops."

I like this guy... and believe he could make a good President because of his in-the-moment unscripted spontaneity. I believe that America needs a man who can wing it and go with the flow for a change. :)



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Here's a side issue: Morning Joe.

I've watched this show for some time and I've enjoyed Joe's good humor. Sometimes he's pretty insightful, but I've always been so-so on his love of the backroom game of Republican politics. And then there was Mika Brzezinski, his sidekick. She's obviously progressive, but she always acceded to him a lot on conservative issues. That never felt right.

For some reason, Donald Trump treated them as his darlings for months so I obviously watched them more than I normally would (basically through videos on the Internet).

Then something happened.

Paul Ryan endorsed Trump and, three days ago, Mika had a shit-fit on air. She outright called Trump a liar about his Supreme Court list, snarked at her guests and so on.

When I read in between the lines, does Mika sound betrayed or does she sound betrayed? :) Seriously, this is a far different tone than she has taken with Trump before. It almost seems like there was a backroom deal going on with Paul Ryan (or big-wig insiders) and Ryan welshed on her. 

Trump didn't take long to respond.

That means no more Trump on their show, that's what that means. Trump had already cooled on them when the mainstream media started attacking Morning Joe for its closeness to Trump and both Joe and Mika shifted to mildly hostile. For example, Mika said in loud voice she wasn't going to vote for him (even though that was obvious since she's a Democrat and a Jimmy Carter cabinet baby), Joe said Paul Ryan's non-endorsement stance (when it happened) was perfect. Things like that.

But they were starting to get back with Trump.

No longer. They got the memo from Trump's tweet. And it seems like lots of others in the backrooms did, too. What's worse, their ratings probably have suffered from Trump cooling on them these last couple of months.

This morning, Joe had his own shit-fit. What a melt-down. :) He's now claiming--loudly--that Trump is a racist and all kinds of nasty stuff with Mika cheerleading. 

They even had Al Sharpton along to pile on Trump.

I'm beginning to wonder if Joe Scarborough  and Mika Brzezinski were acting in a Trojan Horse capacity with their closeness to Trump. That maybe their purpose (from a backroom deal to ultimately support Hillary) was to keep close to Trump, find vulnerabilities and seed plants of venom into the mainstream narrative's Trump news garden. 

And since Paul Ryan was their hidden ace up the sleeve, their secret weapon they were waiting to spring on Trump at the right time to finish him off, once Ryan endorsed Trump, their game got blown to crapland and back, so now they can reveal their true nature.

That's the only thing I can think of to explain their sudden emotional switcheroonie regarding Trump--going from good-natured when discussing him (even when criticizing him) to outright nasty. 

I also wonder if Trump already suspected what they were up to and punked them off just like he did with the rest of the media. And now they are howling in pain...




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I don't agree with everything this guy says about Trump (believe me, Trump's campaign is far, far more than a reality show), but he nailed the rope-a-dope technique. Maybe Trump's way of setting up the villain, too. 

Jake Novak of CNBC:

What Novak didn't nail is that Trump is a reflection, not just a marketer. If people didn't already think the ideas he works with in his persuasion techniques, the techniques would not work very well.

That's why his opponents' persuasion techniques don't work, nor their attacks against him.

That's even why the COBS approach (the data-driven behavioral science micro-targeting approach Obama used to get elected twice) has given such dismal results so far. Most people (the majority--the Silent Majority) are not really divided on what they think about a few core issues. They think the same thing and Trump gave voice to that common ground. Thus they are uniting around him.

All of Trump's persuasion techniques sit on that iron solid foundation.


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1 hour ago, Neil Parille said:

Binswanger unloads on Trump:

Who is more likely to start a nuclear war, Trump or Clinton?


HB doesn't discuss such a thing, so he's cool enough with her to possibly vote for her. Whatever's wrong with Trump, he's not a deranged psychopath.


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Here's what Harry Binswanger wrote:


Having no intellectual framework, no moral framework, no abstract understanding of alternative courses of action, Trump lurches about at random.

I submit Wise Harry can't see past his own nose.

Take Trump's spat with the Trump U judge. Wise Harry thinks the Mexican thing is bullying and bigotry. (He didn't say that explicitly, I infer it from his comment about Trump attributing all problems to "them.")

But Wise Harry doesn't see very far. There are going to be possibly four Supreme Court nominations coming up in the next presidency. And Wise Harry asks: "Will he choose terrible or good Supreme Court Justices? Who knows?"

In addition to the list of eminent conservative judges Trump already submitted to the public, by putting the spotlight on Judge Curiel's radical ties, I wonder if Trump is signaling--on a deep emotional level--to his supporters what kind of Supreme Court judges he will NOT choose... Like no class warfare judge need apply...

But don't ask Wise Harry... He doesn't see meaning divorced from dogma...

He probably thinks Trump's riches and buildings and successful projects were the result of accident or theft or "lurching about at random." But then there's a reason why people like Donald Trump do such magnificent things in reality and Wise Harry never will...


And if anybody thinks I am being hard on Wise Harry, think of this. He is afraid of Trump because he doesn't know what Trump will do, but, in his opinion, it will probably be bad. That's exactly what he said.

So he is telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Why? Because he knows it will be bad. But at least he knows.

Good God!

If that doesn't sound like intellectual "lurching about at random," I don't know what does.


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It is in Trump’s self - interest to want a qualified and unbiased Judge to adjudicate his court cases, so I agree with him on this issue. It is “common sense.” Nine out of ten people would agree if they had publicly spoken about immigration, though they might disagree with his “blanket,” potentially *Presidential* renunciation of Hispanic and Muslim judges. Many judges would honestly recuse themselves if they have more than a little dislike or disgust for Trump’s positions. Would you want your civil case tried by a judge who is related to the other litigant?


Chris something or other, a Fox guy, is saying Trump’s campaign is an earthquake. There are more dems than Republicans so Trump needs to distance himself from the Republican Party and appeal to dissatisfied Republicans, dems and Independents. There is not a General Election, Trump campaign . . .  there is and will be . . . Trump, Trump, Trump. I am not sure about that but Trump should stop taking constant, personal offense. Instead take obvious, tongue in cheek, campaign offense. Joke.


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3 hours ago, Neil Parille said:

Binswanger unloads on Trump:


"Trump doesn’t even know about such things as right and wrong."

Doesnt know about it!

But Hillary does apparently, according to Harry, so he can see himself voting for her.


Harry writes that Trump blames social ills on women.

There is nothing so comical as reading dispensations of wisdom from those who closely follow everything detractors have to say but don't read or listen to Trump and so are stuck with repeating stupidities such as the above.

Very fun. Harry is funny.

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On 6/6/2016 at 11:00 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I also wonder if Trump already suspected what they were up to and punked them off just like he did with the rest of the media. And now they are howling in pain...

And they keep howling.

I am posting the Morning Joe videos just to document their fall from relevance.

They know it, too, so they are trying what they can. Now they want GOP Trump endorsers to remove their endorsement.

Good luck with that...

On another note, I am noticing a slight heat-up of anti-Trump media today, especially on the Republican side. I attribute this to Hillary clinching the number of delegates for the nomination. Republican anti-Trumpers can now openly support her without fear of seeming to support Bernie if she had lost.

In fact, I think that is where Morning Joe is right now (more Mika than Joe, but still Joe)...


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Michael wrote: On another note, I am noticing a slight heat-up of anti-Trump media today, especially on the Republican side. end quote

We are living in interesting times. Will Trump heed the warnings or will he lash out at leading Republicans like the House Speaker? I noticed he spoke sparingly against Newt Gingrich. Does the latest backlash fit into his *grand plan*? I don’t see how it can, but I am never sure with Trump. Perhaps if he ignores the people speaking and just reaffirms his basic argument: that a Muslim, Hispanic, or an Obama appointee could be prejudiced against his cases in the courts.

That is what I would do, and I would even tie his doubt about them to his heated rhetoric that comes out during an increasingly, intense campaign. Say, sorry if you guys take it the wrong way but I will speak the truth . . . . and if elected I will not let my personal finances affect my Presidency. Blind trust, appointed guardian of my money, I am just a Big friendly giant, yadda, yadda.   


USA TODAY: The Republican primaries end Tuesday with an embattled Donald Trump under pressure to tone down his rhetoric, including House Speaker Paul Ryan's statement that the businessman's attacks on a federal judge amount to "textbook racism."

Trump's claims that a federal judge is biased because of "Mexican heritage" have been likened to Joe McCarthy-like Communist witch hunts, and have prompted pressure on Republican leaders to pull their support of the New York businessman.

"Claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment," Ryan told reporters Tuesday. "If you say something that's wrong I think the mature and responsible thing is to acknowledge it."

Still, the Wisconsin Republican said Trump is a better bet than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and "I think if we go into the fall as a divided party, we are doomed to lose."

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1 hour ago, Roger Bissell said:

Heh. And these neuroscientists don't think that Hillary (or Bill) or Bernie have narcissist personality disorders, or worse?

I mean, seriously, how much more narcissistic can one get than to ignore the entire history of mankind and wish to impose on the population ideas and policies that have failed and caused misery every time that they've been tried, and to believe that one is so brilliant and special that one can make the horrific ideas work this time?

Of course, there's also the probability that these politicians know that their policies don't and won't work, but wish to impose them anyway, which is even more narcissistic.

It's strange that these neuro"scientists" didn't think to examine any of these issues, but instead just went with their biases, prejudices and emotional motivations, and decided to soil their profession by using it as a political weapon. Just think what a narcissist douchelord you'd have to be to do that!


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1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Nah... Trump will be much worse.

He will build far better golf courses than Gaddafi, Bonaparte or Hussein ever thought possible.

I want to go further on this because something bugged me right from the start. And it's turned into a mind-worm that won't go away until I say something.

The title of the article about Trump being a narcissist is: A neuroscientist explains: Trump has a mental disorder that makes him a dangerous world leader.

Yet the only two people the article discussed were Howard Gardner, a psychologist who teaches at Harvard and is famous for developmental psychology applied to education, and George Simon, a blogger and pop psychologist who wrote a book about manipulative people.

So where's the darn neuroscientist?


These news article writers should be more careful when they copy/paste from their boilerplate texts.  


At any rate, I should mention that Trump's future bombastic golf courses will be strictly due to that gosh-darn narcissistic personality disorder that some "neuroscientist" or other claims he has. 

And how does that work, you ask? Easy.

Trump wants to make sure Obama never returns to public life, so he will make all those huuuuuuuuuuuge golf courses the world over. Obama likes golf...

I mean, how narcissistic can you get?



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54 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

It seems that, as usual, the establishment GOP caved and surrendered and apologized too quickly.


The way Trump keeps punking the establishment Republicans shows an enormous amount of discipline. That's not because they are tough. It's because they are too easy. Trump has to keep doing the same stuff over and over and I know he gets bored at times. But they keep falling for it and keep doing the same stupid crap based on trying to ape the Democrats.

Right now, they are all in an uproar hollering racist and so on and worried that Trump is going to trash the elections for the others. But they forgot about something. Tonight, Trump is going to show a massive victory in California.

No matter what they say, Trump will end up telling them the voters don't care and have the numbers to back it up.



There goes their argument right down the drain.

I have no doubt Trump is letting this Mexican racist thing run in overdrive until tonight on purpose. He wants people to come out and bash him. It's a form of flushing out the weaklings and taking stock of those with a more long-term view. 

Here's my prediction. After Trump rubs their noses in the voter turnout, the votes, etc., (probably tomorrow), he will soften some on the Trump U thing and move on. In fact, he's already softened a little on O'Reilly last night by saying he doesn't care if the judge is Mexican. He just wants the guy to be fair.

You just can't beat these establishment Republicans for being big dummies.



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You'd think that the jellyfish republican party "elites" would have at least learned to just shut up for a few days after Trump says something that makes the media freak out. Just stay away from it. Don't agree with Trump, but also don't denounce him. Wait until you're fully informed rather than immediately sucking up to what you imagine is going to be the public's opinion on the issue.

It's mind-boggling how they're revealing themselves to be even more spineless than anyone had thought. They're just dying to sell out and be pushed around by the left.

No wonder Trump is so popular. His spine is a bit scoliotic, but it's so much better than no spine.


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Trump just posted this on Facebook:




It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage. I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent. The American justice system relies on fair and impartial judges. All judges should be held to that standard. I do not feel that one’s heritage makes them incapable of being impartial, but, based on the rulings that I have received in the Trump University civil case, I feel justified in questioning whether I am receiving a fair trial.

Over the past few weeks, I have watched as the media has reported one inaccuracy after another concerning the ongoing litigation involving Trump University. There are several important facts the public should know and that the media has failed to report.

Throughout the litigation my attorneys have continually demonstrated that students who participated in Trump University were provided a substantive, valuable education based upon a curriculum developed by professors from Northwestern University, Columbia Business School, Stanford University and other respected institutions. And, the response from students was overwhelming. Over a five year period, more than 10,000 paying students filled out surveys giving the courses high marks and expressing their overwhelming satisfaction with Trump University’s programs. For example:

Former student Tarla Makaeff, the original plaintiff in the litigation, not only completed multiple surveys rating Trump University’s three-day seminar “excellent” in every category, but also praised Trump University’s mentorship program in a glowing 5 plus minute video testimonial. When asked “how could Trump University help to meet [her] goals”, she simply stated “[c]ontinue to offer great classes.” Once the plaintiffs’ lawyers realized how disastrous a witness she was, they asked to have her removed from the case. Over my lawyers’ objections, the judge granted the plaintiffs’ motion, but allowed the case to continue.

Art Cohen, a lead plaintiffs in the litigation, completed a survey in which he not only rated Trump University’s three-day seminar “excellent” in virtually every category, but went so far as to indicate that he would “attend another Trump University seminar” and even “recommend Trump University seminars to a friend.” When asked how Trump University could improve the seminar, Mr. Cohen’s only suggestion was to “[h]ave lunch sandwiches brought in” and make the lunch break 45 minutes.

Former student Bob Giullo, who has been critical of Trump University in numerous interviews and negative advertisements from my political opponents, also expressed his satisfaction, rating Trump University’s programs “excellent” in every category. When asked how Trump University could improve its programs, Mr. Giullo simply asked that students be provided “more comfortable chairs.”

Indeed, these are just a few of literally thousands of positive surveys, all of which can be viewed online at 

For those students who decided that Trump University’s programs were not for them, the company had a generous refund policy, offering a full refund to any student who asked for their money back within 3 days of signing up for a program or by the end of the first day of any multi-day program, whichever came later.

Normally, legal issues in a civil case would be heard in a neutral environment. However, given my unique circumstances as nominee of the Republican Party and the core issues of my campaign that focus on illegal immigration, jobs and unfair trade, I have concerns as to my ability to receive a fair trial.

I am fighting hard to bring jobs back to the United States. Many companies – like Ford, General Motors, Nabisco, Carrier – are moving production to Mexico. Drugs and illegal immigrants are also pouring across our border. This is bad for all Americans, regardless of their heritage.

Due to what I believe are unfair and mistaken rulings in this case and the Judge’s reported associations with certain professional organizations, questions were raised regarding the Obama appointed Judge’s impartiality. It is a fair question. I hope it is not the case.

While this lawsuit should have been dismissed, it is now scheduled for trial in November. I do not intend to comment on this matter any further. With all of the thousands of people who have given the courses such high marks and accolades, we will win this case!

Donald J. Trump



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