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Vegan Gains, controversial body builder

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Vegan Gains, as he calls himself, has a youtube channel and he ruffles the feathers of meat eating body builders. Many bodybuilders and fitness gurus posted videos about what they think of him. One said he has contempt for vegans. He is both controversial and entertaining. Whether he is informative I leave for you all to judge. He bashes all (it seems) the gurus in the fitness industry, using a moderate amount of cuss language.. Probably not the best way to make friends.

Vegan Gains youtube channel

Lots of entertainment. Maybe even information. Best start with the oldest and go to most recent. The videos are short. Even if you skip lots, there are enough videos to keep you entertained for a long time.

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This video should be banned for the protection of the dairy industry.

Not only Dr. Barnard but also Dr. McDougall bashes the dairy industry. And Howard Lyman, the 4th generation rancher who refuses to eat meat, says dairy is the worst thing. John H. Tobe wrote a book bashing milk. There is a whole big website devoted to bashing milk, notmilk. What the 773H do these guys have against milk?

Dr. Alan Goldhamer lists 5 forbidden ingredients that tend to get you into "the pleasure trap". One of them is dairy. If you count the fat and the salt, dairy is 3 of them. I add 2 more to Goldhamer's list, bringing the total to 7, and cheese may be more than 3 of them.

Dr. McDougall says dairy is probably the most difficult food to give up when transitioning to a better diet. The great Dr. Shelton himself seemed to be addicted to dairy. Someone who knew Shelton personally said Shelton ate dairy and felt guilty about it.

But dairy seems to be a somewhat controversial subject. Dr. Norman Walker went almost full vegan except for a little goat cheese. Mahatma Gandhi tried vegan but ended up allowing himself to eat cheese.

I used to eat cheese and I couldn't figure out whether it was an addiction or a nutritional need. Then I did a 22 day fast in 2012 (air and distilled water and sleep and nothing else for 22 days). Anyone who knows anything about fasting knows that fasting tends to break or at least weaken addictions. After that fast, I found I didn't need cheese and I've been off cheese ever since.

Listen to Dr. Neal Barnard at your own risk. You have been warned. If you listen to this video to the end, you have no one to blame but yourself.



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