Is The PC Crowd Ready For The Application Of This Assinine Law To Women?

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Man spreading?

When I first saw the headline, I imagined gym shorts and no underwear as something that could be objectionable to some folks, however, the absolute bigotry of this law is ...there are no words...



And one final point worth considering: by providing clear punishments for an act, you wrench things into the realms of strict cost benefit analysis. In one famous study, a childcare facility that introduced fines for parents who arrived late to pick their children up actually made the problem worse, not better. By putting a monetary value on what was previously just a bit of a dickish thing to do, they inadvertently encouraged parents to keep breaking the rules and simply write off the cash. Have the NYPD considered that, by criminalising manspreaders, they’ll actually glamorise them, transforming them from laughable Instagram–fodder into anti–authoritarian James Dean figures defying the system? Has anyone, for that matter?

Kinda brings new meaning to stop and frisk...your pocketbook - what is the net cost to the taxpayers for the lawsuits that will be launched?


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