Huh? Climate Change? Just Gimmee the Money!

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Huh? Climate Change? Just Gimmee the Money!

This is embarrassing.

I lean to the other side of the man-made climate change issue, but I don't want it resolved by trouncing idiots of the caliber of Obama's EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy.

If some people believe there are serious climate dangers and they need a butt-load of money and power to save the planet, I want serious people making the case, not some bozo like this lady.

I'm all for looking extra-carefully and having a heated debate just to make sure people aren't missing anything.

But this?


Can't these government cronies get their act together enough to make a minimum effort? Just a little something to show they know what they themselves preach?

This lady sounds as transported-certain but ignorant as any backwoods faith healer or Imam preaching about the 72 virgins in the afterlife.

Except she is in front of the US Congress demanding more money than the EPA is allotted and looking down her nose at humanity.

What a joke!


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