Ayn Rand Died?

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Ayn Rand Died?

Sometime the folks who clown around with Randian satire, both friend and enemy, come up with some crazy-ass stuff that is so quirky, I gotta laugh.

I don't care for pure quirky (read weird for this one) without much humor, for example The Floating head of Ayn Rand. This has been around for ages and I still haven't figured it out. I suppose it's funny to people who want to mock Rand and Objectivism.

But the following (which is more foe than friend), in my view, crosses all boundaries. It is so quirky, benign and LOL funny, I have to share it.

Ayn Rand Dead in Gloucester Snowstorm
by Jim Down
February 10, 2015
The Gloucester Clam

From the article:

Rand is survived by several hundred thousand lonely men in fedoras.

That's too short a quote, I know, but I only want to spoil the ending, not the setup.



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