The Fifty Cent Microscope...With Thanks To Origami - This Is Astounding Technology

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Thank you Michael.


There is a wide range of estimates for the total number of deaths caused by malaria, but the World Health Organisation generally reports “around a million” deaths each year from the disease, out of somewhere between 300-500 million cases. In total, it is estimated that 3.3 billion people are at risk from malaria, which is almost half the world’s population! []

With these tools and DDT we could virtually eliminate this plague from the planet.

However, we should place all the marxists on a Coventry island wherein no pesticides would ever be used.

I was thinking of Sicily because we could do boat tours, fly over tours and drone tours.


Can't believe there is a website

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It made me happy to see someone actually thinking outside the box. :smile: The future belongs to people like him.



I got a major hope surge from that talk...

The fact that they were smart enough to create around the universal use and image of the speciman glass rectangle makes a common device to work around comfortable.


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