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Donovan A.

New Culture of Reason Center Website!

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Pretty good. While I prefer a stable front page that doesn't mean it should be changed. You merely need to put your pointer on the continuous scroll on the page bottom to freeze it.

It's hard to believe it's been 6 1/2 years since I sent Nathaniel and Leigh Branden those Seminar records. Nathaniel hadn't kept them much less the full set I had. Apparently this is now the only source.

Somewhere I still have the table of contents for each Seminar. If I find it I'll pass it along.

How to listen to what was originally on 48 lps? Once a week = almost a year. Twice a month = two years. Etc. I recommend twice a month and take notes and listen in sequence.

Did I say, "take notes"? Just making sure.


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Hi Brant,

I have an index that I published.

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