ISIS Beheaded an American Journalist

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Terrifying, but in use (in some form) since the Germans invented flame throwers for use in the Great War. It has never been outlawed.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Well, time to use it.

I am reasonable certain that we have plenty left over from prior orders.

Also, a hell of a lot less expensive than what we just used.


Cheap wars are the only ones to consider fighting

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Napalm is generally more effective than high explosive against bunkers. Burn and/or asphyxiate. Bombs do a better job than flame throwers. I don't think the army uses them any more. Too dangerous and bulky for the troops. A WWII weapon, especially against the Japanese. Maybe used in Korea. In taking fire all I wanted was for a napalm drop. Every American combatant in Vietnam must have loved it too, absent "friendly fire." All you wanted was for the people shooting at you was to be dead, dead, dead and even more dead. You would throw them feet first into a wood-chipper and press them down screaming if that was what it took. War is killing people. There is no nice about it. The only choke is the weapons you have access to or are given access to. I'm sure the Marines assaulting Tarawa would have preferred an atomic bomb drop.


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