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Wolf DeVoon

The gang at Zero Hedge consider how to save money

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Hummer: $90,000

Rocket to blow up Hummer: $190,000


In addition to the direct costs it required an airborne delivery system costing $250 million, and this required a CVN launch platform worth $20 billion, probably closer to $100 billion when you take account of the supporting attack sub and destroyers. Just the fuel burned to get to that humvee was likely worth more than the value of the destroyed target.


The cost is outrageous considering how many useless appliences get dumped every year. Could they not add a cheap set of guidance fins to an old fridge or washing machine and hit the Hummer with that? They could fill it with broken glass instead of flechettes. Green munitions from recyclable materials to reduce the military budget.


Fuck that. Drop recalled GM vehicles. There are enough to wipe out ISIS and take care of the Syria "problem"


Better still. These muslims won't touch anything with pig blood on it so all US bombs should be pigs with aiming fins.

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