Objectivist On Pornography

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What about the Virgin Mary? Oh God! Don't stop now!!!!

Ba'al Chatzaf

What about Snow White?

Her autopsy found seven (7) dents in her maidenhead!

I can see thread is going to get raunchy pretty fast and I will have participated in it with glee...

As you know, Prince Charming took Snow White as wife. Unfortunately he had a um... er.... functional problem so he had to go to Vienna to be treated for his uh, er... um..... difficulty by Herr Doktor Freud. While he was away, Snow White sang: Some day, my Prince, will come......

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Then there is CFNM, in which clothed women dominate naked men and use them as sex objects, sometimes laughing as they do so. I'm a little rusty on the official Objectivist theory of sex, but shouldn't that be the other way around?


Who knows? Rand's own marriage didn't comply with the "Objectivist theory of sex." So I'm sure that anyone could borrow her same type of rationalizations to explain why CFNM is totally consistent with Objectivism.


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