Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Fanfic

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A couple of weeks ago someone recommended I read this:


I'm 20 chapters in and I gotta say this is probably the most interesting and hilarious work of fanfiction ever written.

It mentions Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism at some point towards the beginning of the story. While the author avatar doesn't seem to agree with Objectivism, he nonetheless points out that there are people out there who would benefit greatly from adopting the philosophy.

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I am hoping there will be more Harry Potter books and movies. Perhaps a series of prequels. A lot of the current Potter movies seem to be in the nineteen fifties to the seventies to me for some reason. I know the author is tired of Harry but perhaps a young female wizard could be invented, who lived in the 1930’s to 1940’s? Perhaps Harry's grandmother or mother or a completely unrelated character.

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