How Can Their Actions Be Ethical On Any Level...


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He didn't get what he deserved. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

The "official" police report stating he died of a "cocaine overdose" is laughable. Being tasered multiple times while helplessly hog tied as your heart is already racing at 200 beats/minute due to the cocaine in his system plus the trauma of being dragged face first on the ground is what killed him. The offending officers should be charged with murder. Knowing he was possibly going through cocaine psychosis he should have been restrained and taken to a hospital to be monitored and treated. THEN he should have been remanded into custody to face what ever charges he was arrested for.

My respect is for the cops who freely choose to assume the risks of their job of dealing with animals.


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I knew the guy he wasn't an animal, he was harmless.

Anyone holding a knife while high on dope isn't harmless.



I believe Jules is referring to the Canadian example not the one I started the thread with.

See post # 46 supra


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Sometimes Greg has trouble following the bouncing ball...

Animated GIF: Bouncing Ball

gimpbible-f1901-300x110.gifThis image corresponds to Figure 19-01 in the book. The XCF file listed below is the project file used in this example. You can use it to generate the animated GIF image to the left or you can modify it and create your own bouncing ball example (note: there’s no need to decompress this file. GIMP can read .xcfbz2 files natively).


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