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Ii am going to go ahead and apologize for asking for help. This is embarrassing for me, actually kind of shameful.

As I think I've already posted, we moved from the high desert of Lancaster, California to the high desert of Kingman, Arizona back at the end of May 2013.

We brought our medical transcription jobs with us. I had been working for the same Armenian boss for over 16-1/2 years, and currently have over 20 years of eperience in this field. Sam has about a third of my experience in terms of number of years, but has developed into a very good MT after having taken an online course.

Well, long story short... I got abruptly terminated back in October. I had assumed that as long as I did my job well, I'd keep having a job to do; apparently the boss had other ideas. I actually have REALLY good skills and I still type fast (up to 156 words per minute on regular text). And I'm literate (won spelling bees as a kid)! I have reference books, and am not too proud to use them.

I have been looking for jobs ever since then, applying for other transcription jobs online as well as local jobs. Nothing has turned up yet. I have decided to apply for unemployment compensation here (probably tomorrow), even though I am not 100% sure that I am eligible for it. I am also going to get whatever free food is available (as from food banks and other organizations, even the Salvation Army if available). I may even apply for the dreaded food stamps. BTW, I'm not looking to eat steak and lobster here; but at least some eggs, chicken, and tuna fish.

I have been to the One-Stop Career Center locally (part of the so-called Department of Economic Security). The bureaucrats there were actually kind of nice. Yes, I know that in a better world this would not be necessary or desirable, and I completely agree.

I was lucky enough to be given some donations and small loans a couple of months ago by several friends.

I am asking for help here as well. If you want to make me a small loan, I request that I be given a year's time to pay it back, perhaps in dribs and drabs. I will keep track of how much I owe versus my repayments; but I promise I WILL pay you back, starting when I find a job again. If you would prefer to make a gift instead of a loan, well, bless you and thank you!

I want to keep eating regularly, and so do Sam and the cats. i have found that Tractor Supply Company has a house brand of cat food (both canned and dry; they even have grain-free dry food). The cats like it okay, and it is somewhat less expensive than the stuff carried by PetSmart.

I also have some 2013 quarterly tax payments which I hope to make before April 15.

I will also need to renew car insurance soon, and to make payments on a new pair of Silhouette titanium frames for my computer glasses (broke and could not be repaired, must be replaced).

If you wish to help me, there are a couple of ways:

1. I have a PayPal account, accessed by my e-mail address of pbmaltzman@yahoo.com. This is linked to my checking account.

2. You can send it to me at either my mailing address or my home address:

Mailing address: Pamela Maltzman, 1308 Stockton Hill Road, Suite A-179, Kingman, AZ 86401

Home address: Pamela Maltzman, 2013 Davis Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86401

I am really embarrassed to be asking for help like this. I hope to be employed again real soon. I will update you all on my progress. And I thank you all, in advance, from the bottom of my heart. I hope that once I am back on my feet I will be able to pay forward and help other people as needed.

Pam Maltzman (928) 718-0918 (Mountain Time Zone)

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Hi, Michael: Thank you for your kind words and good wishes! I will keep you all updated on what happens. Years ago I had some non-medical word processing clients of my own. Perhaps it is time to do that again. I have one friend who is an insurance adjuster, and and he wants me to transcribe a witness statement.

I guess for me the take-away from this is that I should have done more homework and investigated further what the actual job situation was in this town to which we moved. I had assumed I'd have that one medical transcription job forever--well, nothing is secure anymore. I was charmed by the relatively low rental prices I saw touted in Craigslist ads---which are true enough; however, the other part of the equation is a very, very difficult job market here. Several people here have told me that even though they've been here their whole lives, it still took them 6 months to a year to find a job... very different from my big-city job-hunting experience.

Okay I did take a couple of quizzes (punctuation and grammar/word usage) for a general transcription company. I should get the results early this coming week.

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