St. Ayn and Progressive Xmas Humor (sort of)

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St. Ayn and Progressive Xmas Humor (sort of)
This came up on Bill Moyers' site. See here: Saint Ayn Rand Visits the Day After Christmas!
(I never go there, I just bumped across this thing.)
I can't help notice how it is not top-quality animation, but it is pretty good.
The problem is the whole thing is lame.
The Progressive posters in the comments are not laughing--they are talking about the standard Ayn Rand things they always talk about.
So I wonder, what's the point?
Isn't there some talent or something on their end? We need good satires of Rand (seriously--after all these years, it's a cultural thing). Progressives certainly know how to make movies and videos. What the hell happens to them when they try to do Rand? It's like they become mediocre artists and communicators all of a sudden...


I disagree with them, but many are undeniably top-notch talents. So what gives?
See for yourself.

Saint Ayn Rand visits the day after Christmas! from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

Here's what Moyers' site says about the video creator, Mark Fiore, and it was even written by Mark Fiore:


Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore -- whom The Wall Street Journal has called “the undisputed guru of the form” -- creates animated political cartoons in San Francisco.

Undisputed guru? Huh!


That's different.


Now it's funny.


It says so.





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Good thing the video was short; I don't think I would have made it to the end otherwise. It was so damn boring.

The video consisted of common Liberal misrepresentation's in a Christmas tale format. Is this innovative? Is this progressive? Who, or what, exactly was being parodied?

On second thought, I think this video may be taken as a parody of Liberal parodies. Now that is progressive.

Or, even better, this video may be thought of as a metaphor for a common Liberal idea. The idea is "progress". Progressives tend to think they are being, well, progressive, when in fact they are just backwards as all hell. Perhaps the video's creators thought they, too, were being progressive when, in fact, they were just being backwards (and bland) as all hell.

I remember seeing an animation, a few years back, of a snowball fight between Rand, Friedman, Rothbard, etc. While that animation wasn't particularly exciting or funny, it was funny to see Rand call Rothbard a hippie.

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There were a few somewhat clever rhymes, however, all in all pretty sad satire.

I did like the Rand floating on Atlas sitting in a Yoga Guru position...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, "the future is here, comrades!" But the Lefties seem unable to answer Ayn Rand in a serious respectful way.

That's okay, guys. Just keep on doing what you have been doing!

BTW, there was a note published in one of the last issues of The Objectvist, that Ayn Rand had been interviewed by Bill Moyers for his TV show. An airing date was not available at the time. It still isn't, because the interview was never shown!.

Somewhere, that interview is sitting in a vault, unseen. Come on, Bill. You can show it now! Ayn has been dead for 33 years (- but her philosophy is not).

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