Yaron Brook on the Glenn Beck Program

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Yaron Brook on the Glenn Beck Program

Yesterday, Glenn interviewed Yaron. He posted it on TheBlaze so everyone can see it.

Unfortunately, you have to click on the headline link to get to the videos, but it was an interesting interview. I recommend you go there and see it.

Many things are progressing within the O-Land subcommunity and within Glenn's world. A discussion of this level, without all the schism stuff, nitpicking, bashing beliefs, etc., is proof. They were able to acknowledge that they disagreed on some fundamental things without making the discussion a tug of war geared toward one trying to convert or discredit the other. There was high-level respect going on.

As a person who has a foot in both of these worlds, this brings me great pleasure.

by Erica Ritz
Nov. 26, 2013

From the article:

Yaron Brook, the executive director of The Ayn Rand Institute and author of “Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government,” told Glenn Beck Tuesday how he would “rewrite the Constitution” to eliminate one of society’s woes.

The comment stemmed from a discussion about Thomas Edison, who Glenn Beck says history has treated far more favorably than he actually deserved while all but forgetting the genius innovator Nikola Tesla.

“I don’t buy completely the story about Edison,” Brook remarked. “He was a genius. He produced a lot. There was cronyism, there’s no question, but the scale in which there was cronyism in the 19th century has been vastly exaggerated. And guess who has the incentive to exaggerate it: the progressives, who were the muckrakers of the time…”

That's understated. Glenn actually bashed Thomas Edison hard. And he bashes Edison in his latest book, Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America. As an aside, I like the way Glenn phrased it one day. He said individuals make miracles, but collectives, in their quest for more and more power, make the massacres.

During the interview, Glenn plugged Yaron's book, Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government, several times. Glenn has an extremely responsive public, so I am sure this sold a bunch of copies.

Also, for the last several days, Glenn has been plugging Anthem real hard. Almost every day. He said he just reread it. I know he has been quoting from it in his monologues and telling people they have to read it because I heard him do it several times.

Regardless of whatever differences I have with Yaron Brook (like his criticism of "just war," which, btw, I think is a bad concept, i.e., I don't like the concept and I don't like Yaron's criticism of it), I have to say I am pleased he sits down with people like Glenn and makes his case without a lot of arrogance.

He even comes off as extremely likable in this particular interview (although his Elmer Fudd voice is righteously blooming, much more than normal :) ).

I hope this likability factor becomes a trend when Rand supporters speak in public. We need the ideas to spread. That starts with respecting viewers to think for themselves. Quibbling does not do that. Being likable gives much more exposure to the ideas--it directs people's attention toward them instead of toward the bickering.


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I do not understand this line from the interview

If there’s an enemy like Iran, you say, ‘Iran’s an enemy, don’t trade with Iran.’ That’s it.

Clearly I'm misunderstanding but it sounds like Yaron is saying that government can and should declare who are our enemies and then it can and it should regulate trade? If that is what he is saying then that is a clear case for mission creep.

Also Yaron clarified his perspective on Edison but it seemed to me that Glenn's point contained a major focus on Tesla as well. Yaron did not answer (at least not in the written transcript on the website) anything about Tesla. I feel as though he should provide a well thought out response to that because that is a easy line of debate for someone who wants to argue that those who hold economic power can and will destroy those who may challenge their throne (challenge by innovation) and I mean destroy not by producing a better product by cutting off as many avenues of success for those who challenge. There is an epic rap battle (look them up on Youtube- funny, funny, funny) between Edison and Tesla and one of Tesla's lines is (to Edison) "you didn't steal from me, you stole me from humanity."

Its a great line, but I admit, my knowledge on the specifics of what happen between them is not expert level, though it is above average. So, again, I feel it was important for Yaron to respond.

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