Kyle Jacob Biodrowski

"Furjectivists" (Furry Objectivists)

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Some, or most, of you may not know what "furries" are. For those who don't know, I offer this explanation: A furry is a member of a "subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics." (from Wikipedia) I advise against Googling the word "Furry".

And now to the story:

After hearing some Fox News commentary, about a man in a fursuit, coming from the other room; I decided to see what all the commotion was about. On the television, Bill O'Reilly was expressing incredulity at a video clip of a man in a fursuit riding a scooter. This reminded me of my brief encounters with various furries on the Internet and a thought flickered across my mind: Are there furry Objectivists?

Being a fan of the laws of probability, I answered my own question with a "probably".

So, after a quick online search, I came across this posting (don't worry; the linked page doesn't contain any pornographic images).

The original poster doesn't follow Objectivism (It's kind of a blend of philosophies) and many of you will likely have many objections to both his own philosophy and his understanding of Obejectivism.

It's quite a bit of reading. I've only read some of it and it is a wild ride. If you like wild rides, you may or may not enjoy this.

Additionally, I have no idea if the people posting on the linked page are serious. Are they serious? The Laws of Probability say "probably".

There are likely more furries out there who follow something closer to Objectivism. Do I need to, again, consult the Laws of Probability?

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According to BB, Rand disapproved heartily of beards. I can't help thinking that she'd be disapprove of this even more. Can you imagine Dominique as a grizzly bear?

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