My sanction granted to MSK

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Of all the people here, I found only Michael Stuart Kelly listed as a contributor to the Atlas Shrugged Kickstarter campaign. He is near the middle of 3500+. I am near the bottom. I did find a few I know from other boards and at least one is here under a nom de guerre. If I missed seeing you, and if you consider yourself an Objectivist - which few active posters do - then I apologize for the oversight.

I looked also for Big Name Objectivists from all online boards and all the various institutions and such and was disappointed not to find them.

To me, it was a way to buy in to the process. I was the one who suggested that for $1000 you could get your name in the movie credits at the end but still I had to settle for the T-shirt: business is slow. So, I understand that. But the overall numbers were disappointing in that so few of those who are highly visible were present when it counted.

Beyond that over 3500 other people, the vast majority of them committed fans of the works of Ayn Rand did sign up. You can pretty much tell by the avatars who is on board. Even deeper, though, I was greatly impressed with the many people who back tens even hundreds of Kickstarter projects.

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Thanks, Michael.

I wasn't going to make anything out of this, but there it is.

I went for the shooting script. I'll be interested to see what changes they make between shooting and editing the film.

btw - Don't forget that "to sanction" someone can mean to put out a hit on them. :)


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