Surprise! The NSA has broken ALL major encryption codes!

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Those mischievous guys at the NSA have pulled another trick: according to the article, they have broken ALL major encryption codes, including their own method that they have helpfully offered to everyone. AND, they got agreements from all the major ISPs and public search engines, to build in "backdoors" so that NSA can snoop anywhere and apparently read most everything. Of course, your friends at Facebook, Google, AOL, Microsoft, etc. did not tell you. Google has responded with a "Who us? Never did any such thing" answer.

Read the link:


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If a thief found a skeleton key that allowed him to enter any home in a town, then homeowners would respond by replacing their locks with a more secure design.

The only effective response then is better encryption. See The NSA Hasn't 'Cracked' Basic Internet Encryption.

This is not to minimize the threat posed by the omnipotent spy state, which Democrats and Republicans are trying to build--with our money.

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Use a one time pad with people you wish to have confidential communication with. No one can break a one time pad.

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