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Not as easily as you think...

serpents are taken by the freaking religionists...

snakes are already taken by the attorneys and certain religionists...

so for now I will go with Scorpions...


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so for now I will go with Scorpions...

That's more like it. Looks how quick those nasty things grow:

Another association (I was a teen when this was big):

I have it on good authority that the guy at 2:50 was doing fine until CPS got their hooks into him.

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Holy crap. I just made up that Kant für Kinder thing, it was a joke. But after hitting Post, I googled those three words, and believe it or not, there is a book with that title.


Well looks like Dr. Paul is cementing his contacts:

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It's been a while since we've had an Objectivist Roundup.

Not much to report. Online Objectivism outside of OL is dead.

The only thing worth mentioning is how dramatically Dr. Comrade Sonia, PhD.,  has deteriorated:






I'm seeing a lot of shit in my feed about how we need to lift stay-at-home orders for the sake of the economy. 

Currently, health care workers (HCWs) are literally begging for their lives and the lives of their families. That's why they're asking people to stay the fuck home, over and over again.

HCWs are at much greater risk of infection and death than the rest of us. They are exposed to huge viral loads. They don't have adequate PPE. They're not being given hazard pay or isolation housing. They aren't getting adequate treatment when they get sick. They're in a fucking war zone, and too many of them won't come home.

So, if you're advocating for people to resume economic activity -- thereby definitely worsening the peak of this virus -- let me ask you: 

** What should health care workers do? ** 

Should they continue to work in horrifically dangerous circumstances to try to save lives? It's grotesque that we're asking doctors and HCWs to do this now, under current conditions. But you want to make the situation they're facing every day vastly worse? And you expect them to keep working? Really? For how long?

Hospital resources will be overwhelmed by covid cases, as is already happening in NYC. Lots more HCWs will become infected, and many more will die. We will lose others to PTSD and suicide. Some will just flat-out refuse to work because their lives are valued so little, including by people breaking stay-at-home orders. These HCWs cannot be easily replaced, and the quality of medical care will suffer for years because of these losses. 

So please, go look every health care worker you know in the eye. Tell them that you expect them to sacrifice and maybe even die for you while you spread this virus and encourage others to do the same, even though they begged you to stay home. Because that's what you're advocating for here.

Then you can tell workers that you expect them to go to work for $14 an hour... without a functioning medical system. I work a moderately dangerous and poorly paying job, and FUCK THAT. You might not be able to imagine a workplace injury worse than falling off your desk chair, but I can. Functioning ERs and hospitals are not optional if you want people to resume work. (That's part of why more than 80% of people support stay-at-home orders.)

Ultimately, if you really give a shit about the impact of the stay-at-home orders on the working poor, then please, donate heavily and regularly to your local food bank and community medical clinic. Continue to pay your cleaners, hair stylist, etc. Start making masks for essential workers. Donate food from local restaurants to feed truckers and other essential workers. Find ways to employ people with adequate social distance. Donate to medical research. Babysit the kids of essential workers. Donate blood. And so on.

Contribute to the welfare of your community, FFS.





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