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Jerry Biggers

SEAL-TEAM-6 Veteran Inspired by Atlas, goes TG

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A 20 year veteran and a former member of the Navy's SEAL TEAM 6 as Chris Beck,, retires from the Service - comes out publicly as a transgender woman, Kristin Beck, as recounted in her autobiography, Princess Warrior.(which is also the title of her Facebook page - check it out)!

Well, making that sort of very dramatic life change certainly takes a lot of "intestinal fortitude," to say the least! But what does this have to do with Objectivism? Maybe a lot. Guess what books inspired her the most? Atlas Shrugged and Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land.

OL members may or may not, support her decision to have a sex change. (Personally, I do.In her case and anyone else if they so desire. Their life is their own. But it would take much more than the skills shown in Nip and Tuck, to make such a transformation on me. Some things are beyond medical science!).

The virtues of Courage, Independence, Self-Esteem, and Integrity can be expressed in many ways. It is not coincidental, that Kristin lists ATLAS SHRUGGED as a book that influenced and inspired her.


Warrior princess: From Navy SEAL to transgender crusader
Transitioning from Christopher to Kristin Beck wasn't a choice for the former Navy SEAL, it was an imperative.

Note: For some reason, Kristin's photo did not print. No problem! Just click on the URL above to get the picture!

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In fact, judging by her photos and the TV interviews, she looks almost "too-good."

But she has had a lot of Seal Team 6 members give testimonials confirming her role in that elite group..

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