Critical Review of Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature

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Just a dropping in briefly here as I'm concerned you seem to think your comments are being deleted at our site.

We have a very liberal comments policy. We don't even delete or block commenters that are obviously abusive, calling us evil, assholes, bastards etc etc, and we get a quite a few of those. Our policy is that this sort of thing actually says more about pro-Objectivist commenters than it does us. We don't even have moderation switched on. I've maybe turned it on two or three times in the eight years the blog has been running, and that was because we had a notorious troll sock-puppeting us for a while. The only chance you'll have "a shelf life of 30s" is if you're that troll, or if your comment includes references to World of Warcraft Gold and/or penis enlargement. We've had the odd blogger crash and recent comments plug in glitch that's killed a thread or two. Perhaps you were unlucky enough to be caught in one of those.

Anyway, just to be clear, unlike many Objectivist sites, we do not block our critics. Please feel free to test this policy at your leisure.



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