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No one is probably reading this right now, because you are all at The Atlas Society 2013 summer conference, excuse me, "Summit," feverishly taking notes from the summiteers...... right? Right?? :huh:

Well, it's going on right now in Washington, D.C.. Started Thursday for eager college students only. The rest of the conference runs Friday though half of Sunday. Later in the summer, a special closed workshop for pre-selected Objectivist scholars-to-be will be held at the Bilderberger resort or other secuded retreat.

Well, if you're not there (the Summit), you won't get the latest on the movie, and learn other ways that you can be as successful in applying Objectivism to your own life, as the Atlas movies were/are.

But it probably would be impolitic to inquire on the publication date of The Logical Structure of Objectivism, safely in perpetual beta format for 13-14 years, on the TAS website :unsure: (No, it's there. Really. Mouse around for it.)

You will also get copies of Objectivist "flashcards" that will be available for college students to give out on their own to attract interest in Objectivism. Believe me, they are riveting. You will want a set for your own, and some to distribute to acquaintances. They will be so impressed. :blush:

Well, if you are not there, right now, too bad. However, after the conference, you will be able to purchase a full set of all the speeches, every spellbinding moment! Yours to listen to forever! Have a party, invite your non-Objectivist friends!... ....

But wait! Act now and you may be able to sign-up on the TAS website for their real-time streaming of the Summit to your PC. Just pay shipping and handling..Well, okay, the fee is a little more impressive.

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Is streaming audio or video really available, Jerry?

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Apparently signing up for live streaming must be done prior to the start of the conference. However,

Some Atlas Society Links for further info:

videos of last years presentations

abstracts, outlines of some of the presentations (sometimes with hotlinks to the presenter's site)

Apparently, you can sign-up for live streaming only before the start of the conference. However, videos of the presentations may soon be available, the 2012 presentations already are - see the second link above.

Additionally, c-span often records some of the presentations for viewing on its three cable channels (since their scheduling often changes, yo will have to review their programming schedules grids daily to be sure to catch any presentation from this conference,( or from ARI's OCON, for that matter).

David Kelley and Wil Thomas "beta" version of their "forthcoming" (?) book,


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Jerry -- Thanks for the video links! The Atlas Society is very generous to make them available.

Altho' that still doesn't make up for them grossly overpricing their summer seminars.

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